Rumor: Netflix looking to expand to UK and Spain in 2012?

Even as the video streaming and DVD rental service Netflix still deals with the consumer backlash over the raise of its subscription rates, the company is rumored to be making more moves to expand to areas outside of the Americas. This week Variety reports via unnamed sources that the company could launch the video streaming portion of its business in the UK and Spain sometime in 2012.

According to the article Netflix has had meetings with "leading European film distributors" to offer the streaming service in those two countries. The deal is just for the video streaming division only; Netflix apparently has no plans to also offer its DVD mail order rental business overseas. It's likely that if Netflix is successful in bringing its video streaming business to the UK and Spain audiences it will expand to other countries in Europe. So far Netflix has yet to comment on the Variety article. Netflix previously expanded from its US base to Canada and earlier this month announced it would bring its streaming video service to Mexico and other Latin American countries, along with the Caribbean, later in 2011.

Meanwhile the fallout over Netflix's announcement that it would raise prices on video streaming-DVD mail order combo subscriptions by 60 percent continue to raise anger from its customers. CNet conducted a poll where 55 percent of its respondents said they would cancel their Netflix service on September 1 when the price hike go into effect for current subscribers. Netflix has claimed it anticipated the backlash when it made the price hike announcements.

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Sounds good, might actually give this a go when / if it comes to the UK .

I always thought Lovefilm was the UK version of netflix

Their prices would be that high, remember that there are already other well formed companies in the market!

YAWN! Rather than expanding different locations they should expand their movie streaming in U.S. since they felt the need to raise the price for that reason and still waiting especially the Sony movies.

Shiranui said,
Spain? 20% of the population is unemployed.

Then they have a potential to sell to the ones who do have jobs.

p.s. 9.2% of Americans don't have jobs. Didn't seem to hurt netflix.

KingCrimson said,

Actually the % of employed adults is 58.2% right now.

Well, there are still many families (like mine) where only one spouse works and the other stays home with the kids. And that figure would also include many college students who go to school full time (either on their parents' money or grants/loans) instead of working. Neither of those scenarios (among others) counts towards "unemployment" numbers.

gosh said,
a page out of the aol playbook. Raise prices, expand, then crash n burn

Except that according to the article above it's for video streaming only, and the price for that hasn't gone up.

SCRISP said,
UK version will proberly be tripple the price the US pays.

Now be fair, only triple. Its not called rip off Briton for nothing.

Be nice to have some competition in the UK, LoveFilm is about all we have (might keep the prices OK here), and hopefully this means streaming to the xbox as well!