Rumor: Nokia already sampling Nokia X phone to India developers

As the world awaits next week's Mobile World Congress and Nokia's press conference, a new report claims that the company is already giving samples of its rumored Android smartphone, Nokia X (previously codenamed Normandy) to app developers in India.

According to Boy Genius Report India's unnamed sources, the developers who have received the Nokia X samples are finding it easy to port their apps to the phone. Earlier reports claim that Nokia X will use a forked version of Google's Android with its own UI and no connections to Google's services.

The same report claims that Nokia will launch the phone sometime in early March. It is expected to be a budget priced device with a 4-inch screen and a dual-core processor with only 512MB of RAM. BGR India claims that Nokia could sell the phone for 6,500 Indian Rupee, which is about $105, but that price could change. One of the story's sources is quoted as saying, "Nokia does not want to price the phone too high and then slash it a couple of months later, which has been a problem for its Lumia smartphones."

Finally, the story says that Nokia has plans for a major marketing push for the Nokia X in India. It claims it will begin in early April, around the time that the 2014 season of the cricket Indian Premier League starts.

Source: BGR India | Image via evleaks

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I don't get it... If someone wants a cheap android phone then they will buy a proper android phone with all google services available on it for the same price. Who wants a downgraded-closed "windowsphone-ished" android phone?

Most people here in India buy Android phone without realizing weather it has Gmail or Google Play services in it. For them it is a "Samsung Android phone and apps."

Even without Gmail, Play store etc included there will be alternatives for it from Microsoft in this phone which could be a good idea to push Microsoft services in Android ecosystem.

Imagine, a phone by Nokia which has a good brand reputation in India in terms hardware build quality, after sales service and faith. Then imagine this phone to run on Android OS which is popular these days. Then imagine this phone to give nearly all Android apps which are already available for many services. Then imagine Microsoft's ability to push Bing services in it which are as good if not better then Google Services such as email, calendar, notes, syncing with their computers running Windows 8 etc.

I'm pretty sure this was the last gasp from Nokia. Having failed to make anything of Windows Phone, they thought they could do Android better than Google. Laughable really.

On the other hand it could have just been a ploy to get Microsoft to buy the devices unit, in which case, it seems to have worked.

yep, its a ploy to get more windows devices on the market like Andorid of course Apple isn't going to sell as many if they cost $700 bucks

@simplezz I disagree that this is the last gasp from Nokia. The reason they are releasing an Android device in low end with UI which looks like Windows Phone UI could be the following...

1. It is tough to sway developers to develop for Nokia Asha's current Symbian S60 based Asha Platform when they are anyway developing for Android devices and when these apps already run on low end Android devices out there even if with a bad user experience.

2. Nokia is a hardware company. They want people to buy Nokia phones. The responsibilities of making a software ecosystem lies with Microsoft at this point. If releasing an Android phone with Lumia like UI can help people move to higher end Lumia devices then it is a good trozen horse strategy.

3. People have a perception that Windows Phone doesn't have as many apps as Android when they fail to even check app stores. So now Nokia is giving users an Android device with all those apps they think they are missing but with every other service like email, cloud etc provided by Microsoft.

is this how the phone looks? it has so much space taken by just one button? it wouldve been better off with no buttons and a bigger display

This is the Nokia phone that will sell. People want Android. I am impressed that Nokia are doing this. I can't remember who but some high up Nokia guy recently said that Windows Phone was a mistake.

The price makes it seem like a sacrificial lamb, to be killed shortly after release. At that price Nokia can sell 520's, and grow Windows phone market share. This may all be a regulatory dog and pony show.

Doesn't make sense why there are so many rumors about Nokia X but not about goldfinger or moneypenny. Are they just focused on making something basically anything until shop closes up and they can collaborate fully with Microsoft on the design and everything of their 8.1 phones?

$105? Pass. Got a couple of 520s for $49 each off-contract on Black Friday so even if this were available to me I wouldn't buy it.

The cheapest price for the 520 in Europe is 150 USD and 125 USD in India (from what I could see). It's just cheaper in the US to push sales.