Rumor: Nokia to release Windows 8 tablet in June 2012?

Nokia's Lumia 800 smartphone, with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system inside, is scheduled to officially launch in parts of Europe today. But is Nokia prepping for something larger? That's what the French website claims in a new report. It says that a French newspaper got Paul Amsellem, the new head of Nokia France, to admit that Nokia is working on a new tablet product that will run Microsoft's Windows 8 OS.

Other than a possible launch date of June 2012 (which seems much too early to us), no other information about this mysterious Nokia Windows 8 tablet was revealed. Nokia execs have hinted strongly in the past that the company might be interested in expanding beyond the smartphone market for future devices that would run under some kind of operating system from Windows.

The same article quotes Amsellem as saying that Nokia has even more smartphones in the works. He stays of the Lumia 800, "It's just the equivalent of the BMW 5 Series. We will soon have a full range with a Series 7 and Series 3." That would certainly imply that Nokia has plans for a cheaper and less powerful Windows Phone product along with a higher end hardware device.

Of course a lot hinges on how the Lumia 800 sells in Europe beginning today. If it is successful you can bet that Nokia will expand its Windows Phone line up quickly.

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How can they release a Windows 8 tablet when Windows 8 isn't supposed to RTM until later that year? They haven't even entered Beta phase yet, 7 months is not enough time get a brand new OS through testing and released.

Muhammad Farrukh said,
Its not a rumor. Its confirmed by the Nokia's General Manager in France

Cool. I'm definitely looking forward to Windows finally taking tablets seriously...

Muhammad Farrukh said,

June 2012 is the date.
Guess they'll botharrive at the same time.

Bring it, iPad 3

The iPad comes out around February/March actually. It's the iPhone that's supposed to come out in June/July.

Either way sounds great to me.

While I believe Windows 8 tablets will become available earlier than Windows 8 retail version, June 2012 seems much too early. Windows 8 Beta will be released in January. So, going by a 3 month schedule, RC will be out in April, and RTM in July -- similar to Windows 7. So, it seems unlikely any Windows 8 tablets will come out before August/September.