Rumor: Nokia to sue HTC over Windows Phone 8 designs?

Are the two biggest supporters of Windows Phone 8 going to participate in a legal war with each other? That's the claim that a website says might happen. The apparent issue is the recently revealed HTC Windows Phone 8X and its similarities to the Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 820 that's coming from Nokia. reports, via unnamed sources, that Nokia is preparing to launch some kind of patent dispute with HTC. It states:

The reports are saying Nokia is preparing to get HTC 8X banned in various parts of the world from going on sale when it will launch in November. Nokia has said in reports that the front-face of HTC 8X looks identically same as of the Lumia 820 followed by side-curves of the phone body.

Is the HTC Windows Phone 8X ...

... too similar compared to the Nokia Lumia 820?

Nokia's EVP of Nokia Sales and Marketing, Chris Weber, has already used his Twitter account to slam HTC's new Windows Phone 8 devices, which were officially announced last week.  At the time, he stated, "It takes more than matching color to match the innovation of the Lumia 920."

However, we do have some doubts that Microsoft, which had a big presence at both of the Nokia and HTC press events this past month, would want to see its two "hero" smartphone launches muddled by an Apple-like patent design lawsuit.

Source: | Images via HTC and Nokia

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Doubt it. Like others said, they were in development at the same time plus I doubt MS would let their 2 major manufacturers murder each other at launch time of WP8....

Kyle Davis said,
They're both windows phones! How can they NOT look similar to some degree? The only real valid claim is with the colors.

And so long as they're different colors... you can't even claim ownership of the trademark. No one owns the concept of a colored phone. I think it'd be very much to the platform's benefit to let a visual style develop around Windows Phone. Different manufactuerers can take that and tweak it to suit themselves and do things better than the others, but there's nothing wrong with having traits that are instantly recognizable, regardless of hardware.

Apart from colours, I personally don't seem anything that stands out which will help Nokia in a court case. They don't look greatly similar or disimilar...

drazgoosh said,
Apart from colours, I personally don't seem anything that stands out which will help Nokia in a court case. They don't look greatly similar or disimilar...
how about the full raised glass faceplate on the front, Nokia was the only one I've seen do that till this phone

What a dumb reason to sue.

The face of their device is glass, and looks like the same OS and the standard buttons MS require.

Phones are all very similar, these lawsuits need to stop.

It's not enough that they hoover the popular apps off the Marketplace and make them exclusive and develop arrogance that makes Apple look like a saint, they may also decide to follow the Apple route of suing competitors out of the market.

If this is the case I think now is the time for HTC and Samsung to say **** Windows Phone and stick to Android.

Have fun having the ONLY Windows Phones on the market then Nokia!!!!

Edited by neo158, Sep 24 2012, 10:38pm :

Its plain to see the nokia and HTC branding so i cant really see how they could get confused with each other. Main point is if nokias tries to get HTC devices banned in certain countries theyve got a lot of android phone and of course the iphone to choose from. If someone doesnt want a nokia phone but did want a HTC one then they may think sod it ill go android and WP isnt going to get any traction.

HTC prolly saw the different colours of the lumia line and thought we should do that. i hope nokia doesnt go through with it cus im sick of apple and there crap and last thing anyone needs is a new platform fighting with each other and ticking ppl off in to thinking i wont bother with WP.

I wish HTC and Samsung would not support Microsoft Windows Phones period. It is time for Microsoft to learn their lesson. They have raised this brat "Nokia" by showing all kinds of favoritism toward them while ignoring the other companies which is bad business. I don't know any other platform that is doing that while at the same time being unfair to it's customers who pay their money for Windows Phone just like customers buying a Nokia. This is one of the major reasons I may "NOT" buy a Windows phone. I say let Microsoft go right on ahead and bury their Windows Phone platform in the ground along with Nokia.

Wanna to bet that Microsoft will buy over Nokia before they are able to bring this stupidity to court, like what happened to Googorola?

yea right if it was like that there'd be no law suit or interest in a 8x, ohh and ahh, would turn to boo's, and yawn's

BajiRav said,
The design is similar to HTC Aria/Liberty. I say a false rumor.

To me the bright colored enclosure and black screen area defines a Windows Phone.

I'll think its probably a Windows Phone if it looks like that.

zero windows phone's had these things before nokia came on board, what you just described is the definition of a nokia windows phone not a windows phone, windows phones before nokia was bland even worse than androids. Nokia isn't Microsoft so htc has no right to copy them, ask Samsung. And apple needs to be sued for their nano was well as its almost identical mini lumia. And it aint like they didn't know what a lumia looked like as they used on in court against Samsung to show a example of a non copy. But they liked it so much they copied it.

iron2000 said,
To me the bright colored enclosure and black screen area defines a Windows Phone.

I'll think its probably a Windows Phone if it looks like that.

The HTC 8X looks nothing like the Lumia 820. From the front it looks more like the 920.
So the makers of an ugly phone going to sue over another ugly phone? Really?

Elop was asked a question about this and answered it very well. WP8 needs to take off in a big way for either company to benefit and it won't happen if they limit the market exposure by suing or banning sales from any WP8 manufacturer. Increase the presence and have people talking about WP8 and let it become a success. MS, HTC, NOKIA, SAMSUNG and others need to gain market share first and foremost with WP8 before lawsuits start flying. Nokia has software apps and hardware tech that HTC doesn't have in their phones. HTC will have their large hub tile and their app features. The third Eco-system needs to be established by year end and i hope WP8 is it. I can't wait for the phones to come out and then see them evolve. The polycarbonate case is a smart move on both companies. Since many people get cases for their phones that are PC based anyways. My Lumia 800 is holding up well without a case. Black.

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