Rumor: Nokia to unveil Lumia 928 for Verizon next month

Bloomberg is reporting that Nokia will be unveiling the heavily-rumored Nokia Lumia 928 at some point next month, with the phone, of course, coming to Verizon in the United States. "Two people familiar with the plan" said the Lumia 928 will be shown off next month with a 4.5-inch display, 8-megapixel camera and a "metal body", although previous leaks have indicated the design will actually incorporate thinner polycarbonate.

All signs point to the Lumia 928 being a variant of the high-end Lumia 920, although some slight changes have been made including incorporating a Xenon flash, switching to AMOLED technology for the display, and using a thinner and lighter body. Through a variety of leaks, we've seen basically everything about the Lumia 928 apart from the finer details, with even Nokia's Stephen Elop acknowledging that "hero status" device will be launched "later this quarter" with "a leading US carrier".

The Verge believes that Nokia is waiting for Microsoft to finalize the GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8 before going ahead and launching the Lumia 928, and there's a possibility Nokia will bundle the advantages of their Lumia 920 PR2.0 update into the out-of-the-box software. Expect to finally hear something out of Nokia in May regarding the Lumia 928, ending a long run of speculation.

Source: Bloomberg, The Verge | Image via Evleaks

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we're doing bad in the US

we'll ignore the #1 carrier in the US

no rush, let's wait another month

Let's do this again with the EOS flaship. it has been working great. go ATT for another year first!

Why would you assume it is only Nokia making these decisions? Verizon Wireless could be easily the one making the call here based on whatever inside information they have access to.

Nokia gave ATT a 6 month exclusive on the lumia flagship. check the archives. stop trying to get nokia off the hook. they acted stupidly before, and if all the indications are correct, their new EOS flagship will be ATT exclusive, leaving half the market+ in the US out of the game.

So true. I don't get why Nokia is still releasing flagships for ATT only. They should fire all the retards running Nokia US.

Seems to be what the 920 should've been. Less slippery casing, actual pureview tech for the camera. Xenon flash. Although the 2 LEDs are much more usable as a flashlight.
Not sure if i would like the AMOLED display more. The screen is as crisp and smooth as it could be imo.

Xenon gives a more accurate color and better fill than LED. It's also capable as a true strobe, so it uses the LED to focus which then turns off and the Xenon strobes when you press the shutter. Meanwhile LED remains on longer whilst you attempt to take a picture, and blinds your subject.

I'll take Xenon over LED any day given the option.

For pictures yes, as the Cannons etc also use Xenon flashes
Didnt know there would still be a LED light, as I use the LEDs more as a flashlight then to lighten pictures.

Shadowzz said,
... actual PureView tech for the camera. Xenon flash. ..

What do you mean actual PureView, PureView is in the 920?

Software tech of pureview yes, but this one has pureview written on the camera, which hints to pureview tech in the camera itself. So I'm expecting a slightly different (better?) camera chip in the 928.

it's just a logo. that is all. it is the same camera assembly. only the catwalk and EOS will have different cameras than the 920/928.

Yes, as far as I know, they use the same camera. Same OIS, etc etc etc, but the 928 has the addition of the Xenon flash + LED for focus assist.