Rumors hint at Samsung entering the virtual reality business

If a new rumor is correct, Samsung is about to jump into the growing virtual reality helmet trend. The company is said to be developing a VR headset that will work with its future smartphones and tablets.

Engadget's report, which comes via unnamed sources, is light on hardware details, saying only that the device will have an OLED screen that is supposed to be as good as, or better than, the current developer version of the Oculus Rift headset. A few developers already have some prototypes of Samsung's helmet, according to the story, but the final consumer version will be made to work with future Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung's virtual reality headset probably won't look quite this cool

The report also says that Samsung wants to get its helmet out to the public before the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and Sony's PlayStation 4 helmet, 'Project Morpheus' are released. It's also supposed to be priced lower than those products. However, a specific release date was not revealed.

Virtual reality is apparently the next big trend in gaming and in consumer electronics in general. There are even rumors that Microsoft is currently prototyping VR devices for its Xbox division that will include augmented reality features as well.

Source: Engadget | VR image via Shutterstock

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That's what I'm talkin about! Not that bulky black box hanging off one's face. If we're gonna look futuristic and all, lightweight is the way to go. They'd better not bork this one up like the other companies.

All copying ideas from SyFi TBH books, tv shows have been showing off VR designs for years before anyone took it serious. Shocking just how much is copied from science fiction books and shows heh.

Worst part if people forget the original creators of the ideas and just say Samsung, copied apple, Microsoft copied..... etc etc Truth is none of them of true original creators or visionarys.

I'd say if MS introduces nice API for this on Windows/DirectX, that will become the de facto standard. But they need to do it sooner than later.

MS, OR, Sony and now Samsung. Really nice.

I don't like Samsung but I think they are the one who will nail it thru "samesong" and huge marketing.

Sony and MS will be behind and unless Facebook can do something dramatic, OR will be in the last place.