Rumour: Apple to introduce a curved glass screen for iPhone 5

We're not sure when the iPhone 5 will be in consumers' hands; the last bit of iPhone-related development news suggested a minor update this year with refreshed hardware specifications, but keeping the same overall design. If the release of the iPhone 5 happens sometime in the near future, but not this year, then they might go for a new design refresh. The older iPhones prior to the fourth generation had curved backs, with a rather boxy design for the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 may just have curves all around, including the screen itself, according to the latest bit out of the rumour mill.

According to DigiTimes, there are rumours out of the Taiwanese supply chain of Apple's push towards a curved glass design for the iPhone 5, much like the fourth and fifth generation iPod nanos as depicted above. Apple has reportedly purchased about 200 to 300 glass cutting machines in response to the reluctance by cover glass makers to commit significant investment into glass cutting machines given the high capital involved. Apple's machines won't be used and will be kept in storage until there is a greater yield of curved glass screens.

In either case, if this rumour rings true, then it can be safe to say that we still have quite a bit of time before we have leaked iPhone 5 prototypes being spotted in the wild.

Image Credit: Dietary Health Blog @ Yovia

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Go on Google.....get the lawyers ready! And for good measure Samsung should jump in as well.
No doubt Apple lovers will coo about it, treating it like the Second Coming if its true.
Got to give it to Apple, they have a bare faced cheek!

I'm just hoping the design it so they put all the antenna bits in the lower left or right sections of the phone, so that when everyone holds it "wrong" it still cuts off signal. Stick to your guns, Apple!

I'm wondering if maybe they might be making the screen slightly concave instead of the convex screen on the older nano. Now THAT would make sense for a touchscreen device since it would allow for the tip of your finger to follow a more natural arc instead of sliding across a flat surface.

Brian Miller said,
They should invent a type of glass that doesn't pickup fingerprints of sweat.

You mean like the oleophobic coating they have been using on the iPhone glass since the 3GS?

roadwarrior said,

You mean like the oleophobic coating they have been using on the iPhone glass since the 3GS?

whatever they are using now (iPad2, iPhone4) is a super fingerprint magnet.

roadwarrior said,

You mean like the oleophobic coating they have been using on the iPhone glass since the 3GS?

Well, I still get tons of fingerprints on mine, so they need to improve their process.

Curved like a banana? No, I heard it's going to curved, almost round, like an apple. You can eat it too (part of their new eco-warrior policy to please Green Peace).

_DP said,
I really don't see this working well with a touch screen.

I agree. It's more likely for some other iPod-related device.