Rumour: Mac App Store to be integrated into iTunes

Ever since iTunes first launch as a digital music store Apple has been adding more and more content to it making the application an almost one-stop shop for your digital needs. Ranging from music to videos, and even mobile applications iTunes does it all. Curiously though, when Apple released the Mac App Store, this came as a separate application.

On an Italian Apple blog, Slide To Mac, they have an image which appears to show the classic App Store logo with the words "Coming Soon" below it within iTunes. While this makes sense on the Mac side, it would lead to drastic differences between the OS X and Windows versions of iTunes. The media application so far has been relatively the same across both platforms, but adding in the Mac App Store would create a huge gap between the two versions.

Interestingly enough, currently the Mac App Store and iTunes are already integrated to an extent. Links to the Mac App Store version of an OS X application are prefixed with the subdomain "itunes" just like current iPhone App Store application pages. A quick look at the Mac App Store link for Compartments, and then the iPhone App Store link for Angry Birds shows the similarities between the web component of the App Stores.

Both iTunes and the Mac App Store work in similar ways, so an integration like this is fully possible. iTunes may soon no longer simply be a player, but may be an entire hub for anything and everything OS X.

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Shadrack said,
It should really be the other way around... i.e., the stores should be removed from iTunes and iTunes should revert back to media library player and manager. It would be nice if they also separated out device syncing.

+1 but they should still be connected, not completely separate applications

Shadrack said,
It should really be the other way around... i.e., the stores should be removed from iTunes and iTunes should revert back to media library player and manager. It would be nice if they also separated out device syncing.

I like the unification.


Why might there be an app store logo in iTunes? I mean, it just contains the app store for iPhone and iPod touch as well as the one for the iPad.

Not true. They would have done it right away the first time. Apple is not the kind of company to do twice the same work.

dagamer34 said,
They need to change the name to iEverything then.

I've actually been waiting for them to rename iTunes to iLife and name the suite something else.

Really, a rumour? That is how I expected it to be in the first place, makes sense having a single unified payment method across all of a companies devices. Unless I just don't understand how it works, I probably don't
If there are drastic differences between the windows and mac versions of iTunes it could be good for windows users because apple might spent more time making it work properly.

Nooo! That Mac App Store is *not* part of iTunes is one of the great things about it.

They should go the opposite direction. iTunes should remain what it is today, except for the iPhone/Pod/Pad/Pid/Pyd sync thing.

I don't understand why they can't just have an app called Store that would have the music and app stores. Preferably it was also not made by the hacks who develop iTunes.

The word iTunes really doesn't make any sense any longer. It used to be about music, and then grew to include radio, podcasts, ringtones, and videos ... and eventually books, tv shows, movies, and iOS apps. It does make sense to add MacOS apps to the mix, but the original name is ridiculously inadequate.

Just as iPhoneOS was renamed to iOS to signify that it runs iPhone, iPod, and iPad, then "iTunes Store" should be renamed to perhaps iStore or iMedia or iContent ... though none of those names seem as catchy as iTunes to me. hmm....

Joy, more stuff on the godawful iTunes platform. If they're going to add something, at least put in a freaking contacts list manager for the iPhone.

Surely they would change the name if they are integrating the appstore. iTunes has nothing to do with osx apps. I can't see them changing the name because it's so iconic now and it could also cause confusion between the mac appstore and iphone/ipad app store.

I call fail rumour.

iTunes should already be split into 3 or 4 separate apps, throw the app store in there too and ensure that I'll never use it.

I'd be all for it if they rewrote iTunes to be a bit snappier. As it stands, I can open up the Mac appstore in one second or so after clicking it. iTunes, on the other hand, takes a good 5-10 seconds. Nit picking, I know, but I don't see why they can't make iTunes a 64-bit Cocoa app. Maybe to keep compatibility with the Windows version? Not sure.

Xenon said,
You know they could start selling PC apps thru the windows version of iTunes.

Why should one buy PC apps - does something like that even exist? - from Apple?

I think a more interesting solution would be to integrate iTunes, the App store, etc. into Finder. Click Music on the right and the interface changes into iTunes within Finder; the same for the App Store etc.

I wish people would start talking sense on here. Windows users are not being ditched but they can't expect the MAC AppStore to arive on windows. Does Microsoft give Mac Windows Marketplace? Well then.

I feel like iTunes in general needs a revamp. It seems (to me at least) that they should turn back the clock in a way on iTunes and bring it back to just being a media (music, movies, etc) hub by ripping out the whole aspect of the iTunes store and creating an entirely new iStore type app that could include everything from the iTunes Store, Mac App Store, and maybe even incorporate a hardware section to this new iStore app to incorporate the items that they currently sell online through their Apple Store on

This way iTunes would become a more lightweight media library manager that could still have some online capabilities, such as getting album artwork or keeping podcasts up to date. Apple could then have an entire program completely devoted to being a store that would sell everything from iMacs to iPods and the applications that would go on them. They could even still have iTunes and the iStore be somewhat integrated so that music or videos purchased through the iStore could automatically be synced up with iTunes.

Apple has a lot of potential ways in which they could go with this but to me it seems to make more sense to stop weighing down iTunes with all of these extra features that really just seem to be taking away from the media player side of iTunes.

I have itunes completely uninstalled on all my mac machines but I do use the app store, wonder if this will force me back into having itunes installed by making it impossible to uninstall without taking the app store with it.
I wouldn't mind itunes if it didn't always try to force itself as the default audio player.

Can we just rename the darn thing to the iStore, iShop, or somethign else? iTunes is such a dumb name anymore... how about disintegrate the music part of it into its own iTunes music management system, then have a store that you can purchase music, books, and software from that is seperate from iTunes... because iTunes is way too much now

Wasn't there another rumor like this one but about Safari browser integrated with iTunes? I do not mind the Mac OS App store integrated with iTunes which makes sense but iTunes already lags so damn much and I do use iTunes both on my iMac and Dell notebook already. Hopefully they will never add Safari browser into iTunes and leave it on its own, iTunes is already loaded with too much.

Oh wow, yeah, because I use my MEDIA PLAYER to install and manage my computer's applications, my tablet's eBooks and my mobile phone's contact list, makes perfect sense...

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