Samsung Announces 64GB Flash-SSD

Samsung has announced a new 1.8" 64GB solid state disk with improved read and write performance over its 32GB unit. Specifically, Samsung's new 64GB SSD takes advantage of SLC flash and offers read speeds of 65MB/s and write speeds of 45MB/sec, compared to 53MB/sec and 30MB/sec. One of Samsung's competitors, SanDisk, lists the read speeds of its newly announced 2.5" 32GB SSD drive at 67MB/sec (write speeds were not given). Adtron's latest SSDs trump both offerings, however, with read speeds of 65-70MB/sec and write speeds of 65-55MB/sec. Samsung expects that the market for SSDs to jump dramatically over the next four years. The company is forecasting that shipments will jump from 2.2 million units in 2006 to 9 billion in 2010 and expects sales to rise from $56 million USD in 2006 to over $6.8 billion USD in 2010.

News source: DailyTech

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The company is forecasting that shipments will jump from 2.2 million units in 2006 to 9 billion in 2010

erm... sure the "b" isn't meant to be an "m"? Looks like a rather optimistic estimate to me...

Yes, 9 billion is stupid, that's 1.5 devices for every human on earth a year from a single company. Seems unlikely to say the least!

I want a bigger version, 128GB should be on the way, but I think for a desktop, we need 256GB or bigger. Now just for prices and better performence, we need 100MB/s+ read/write speeds.

Why do you need 100MB/sec read/write speeds? Sure it's a nice round number, but what you can get now with the SDD's is quite a bit faster than anything we've seen ever before. The fastest scsi hard drives out there now give roughly half the speed of what this drive is giving. Namely, 37.7 MB/sec average read speed for the Seagate Cheetah 15K.4 ST3146854LW Drive. even 40GB is large enough as far as what we need today. You'll put the 40GB as your main drive, install your OS and all your apps on it, and keep your data on a regular SATA HDD. It's the boot drive/parition that will make all the difference in how fast your system actually runs, since a Vista partition with pretty much all the apps you're going to use requires about 40GB, this capacity and performance is probably more than anybody needs today. With 64GB, you can have more apps on that parition, but for storage the regular SATA HDD's will be the most cost effective way to go for some time yet.

so, um are these ever going to become SATA? The current ones are IDE but the newest of new motherboards are ditching IDE completely! I know my new system has NO IDE connectors on it, just 8 SATA's 2 for CD/DVD's and 6 for HD's in RAID

Croquant said,
I'm sure SATA SSDs will be coming soon. This is a very new kind of product, so have some patience.
you just would of thought they would make it SATA to start with :P

It's really completely retarded to make these as Ide and not Sata right away x)
I'll take a look once they have Sata models and the price isn't too steep.

How aabout some prices, lets get the mass production in high gear and drive these things down to a few cents!