Samsung confirms Aug 29 reveal for new Galaxy Note

Samsung’s giant ‘phablet’ – that’s phone/tablet, if you don’t speak Geek – may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s been a surprising sales hit. Having already amassed over seven million sales worldwide, the Galaxy Note will soon be replaced by a new-generation device, about which little concrete information is known.

What we do know is that the new Note will be revealed later this month. Reuters reports that a Samsung spokesperson has given official confirmation of this, saying that the company plans “to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29”.

The current Galaxy Note is quite a beast - and it may yet get bigger.

The current Note has an oversized 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display, which earned it the ‘phablet’ moniker, as the device straddles the line between a full-sized slate and a large smartphone that can be held to one’s ear without looking too ridiculous. Even so, it’s widely believed that the next-gen Note will be even bigger than this, growing to 5.5”.

Its signature feature – the ability to annotate directly on screen with a stylus – will live on, while a faster processor and better camera are also expected to feature.

Source: Reuters

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I bought a Note and love it. I just wish I didnt have to use Touchwiz to use the stylus fully, as its slow. AOSP and apps are blazing fast though
An unexpected side effect of buying it was tons of people now ask me in random places about and and which phone it is.

The Note is a really good phone. My only complaints with it are the battery life, and the poor construction of the phone. The battery cover always popped off.

Will wait and see what specs and version of Android it runs. I'd like something akin to a bigger S3 (spec wise).

I have a Note and it is great, it may seem large at first but it does fit in your pocket quite nice due to it's thin profile and it is no bigger than a wallet really. It does look a little big against your ear but only it a cool way and for me as I don't use it for calls much it does not matter. It allows me to run my business from anywhere, I can RDP into my office PC easily and actually do things on the screen unlike my previous HTC Touch Pro 2 (which I loved but was too small for any real work). It is fast and being a droid has so much flexibility.

and yet when I was in hongkong I saw most of the people there had either Iphone or Galaxy note.. and they made calls from there without hands free

Anooxy said,
How many versions until it becomes as big as tablets?

Probably the one they are going to release called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"