Samsung could have a premium S5 variant in the works

Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 a few days ago at the Mobile World Congress 2014 but failed to meet the expectations of enthusiasts and the press with the device, as it continued to push the same design language with plastic externals with hardware specifications which were seen as evolutionary.

Now, a new report from ETNews, a Korean website, suggests that Samsung may in fact be working on a premium variant of the Galaxy S5 with all the rumoured specifications from before such as the eight-core Exynos processor, an AMOLED display with a 2K resolution and possibly a premium metal body.

Samsung releases two devices of the flagship variety in a year with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, however, the company is assessing the possibility of releasing an intermediate device which can bridge the gap between these two devices and offer higher quality for a longer period of time.

The report mentions that “Project F” was formed by Samsung Electronics last year, to develop a premium smartphone while keeping the current strategies with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series intact. This project is led by the same people who were instrumental in bringing the S and Note series to the world.

It is understood from information revealed by industry sources that metal cases cannot be made available for large volumes of devices such as the Galaxy S and Note due to which, Samsung may release the premium variant of the S5 in limited numbers if it does consider putting a metal body at all.

Source: ETNews | Image via Samsung

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Jumping into the fire would be investing my cold hard cash into a Windows phone.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a windows man through and through, but hate the phone os.
So that leaves me with Android or IOS.
At this rate, I might just stick with what I have out of contract and wait for someone to come up with something mindblowing.

Noooooo Samsung, what are you doing???
I've had the S2, S3 and recently the S4, and this S5 really isn't floating my boat.
Please stop me. Every day I can feel the wool growing all over my body, and slowly turning into a sheep by looking into Apple Iphones and seeing what the 6 will bring.

Have you seen the last 2 major iPhone releases? If you're planning on leaving Samsung because of a lack of innovation, then jumping to Apple would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Sounds to me that because almost no one gave a c..p about the S5, Samsung is try to create some more noise.

Well the S5 is very underwhelming. Even the S4 was more impressive, and that was already nothing special. The S2 was the most impressive for its time.

No more Galaxies for me though, i'm getting a WP 8.1 device now that this single update has addressed pretty much every single problem i had with WP. Really impressive. Just waiting to see what phones will appear.

WP Fan Boy, No thanks.. I think I might stick with my Samsung Galaxy S series.. Still out does all phone's in hardware spec's I see this as a leap forward..

But still no surprises actually to me. Qualcomm does not seems to be ready to offer a way better SOC for mobile phone at this time.The best they could offer was the 801 which even from the model number you can tell its just gonna be some minor changes from 800. So really I think S5 is released at the wrong time.

But still I am happy they decided to put in a 1080p display instead of 2k. At least the users is gonna have a smooth experience since from what I see the perofmrnace of Aderno 330 is good enough to power a 1080p device.

I agree, I'm switching from my Note2 as soon as the 8.1 range is released. I just hope they release the Nokia Lumia Icon in the UK, specs looks perrrrrfect!

Atari.2600 said,
WP Fan Boy, No thanks.. I think I might stick with my Samsung Galaxy S series.. Still out does all phone's in hardware spec's I see this as a leap forward..

How does NOT currently owning a WP device make him a WP fan boy? What a puerile comment to make.

nickcruz said,
Samsung and premium don't get along.

Depends on what industry you're talking about I guess. I would definitely classify their TVs as premium.