Samsung ditching Android for Tizen on Galaxy Gear

Samsung has started pushing the Tizen operating system to the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch in its latest update to replace Android.

It was recently reported that Samsung would be launching a new series of Galaxy Gear devices with their own Tizen operating system. However, it seems the company won't leave their older Galaxy Gear on Android as they have started pushing an update to install Tizen on the smartwatch. According to SamMobile, the Tizen 2.2.0 update is available through Kies and will erase existing data on the smartwatch. Although the update doesn't bring any new visual changes to the Galaxy Gear, the overall software is optimized and gives better battery performance. Additionally, new features such as a standalone music player, new tap shortcuts and voice commands for camera are included in the update.

Users who get the update notification will need to connect their smartwatch to their PC using Samsung's Kies software. They will be prompted to backup their data, as the entire smartwatch is erased in the process. Once the process completes, users will have to pair the smartwatch all over again with their smartphone or tablet. As it is a major update, Samsung is not expected to push it over the air. The global rollout schedule has not been revealed in the report but given the total user base of Galaxy Gear, it won't take long before all users are on Tizen.

Source: SamMobile | Image via CNET

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I hope some websites like engadget, anandtech etc test out the battery life compared to the previous version to see what effect tizen has.

I don't see the point in smart watches TBH.

I have a watch i got when i was 13 that i'm still using 8 years on. It has a 10 year batery life, tells me the time in analog and digital, saves phonenumbers, tells me the time in major cities round the world, 2 alarms, stop watch and timer. and it cost £50 at the time.

Is their really anything more you need a watch to do?

I think we are still exploring the opportunities. One interesting thing though would be the use of wereables for augmented reality through sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. Imagine the idea of the original Wii controller but through wereable devices that communicate with a gamepad. Then consider how this can be applied for other purposes rather than gaming.

As we keep pushing more and more functionality into smaller devices, I reckon we will see further innovation beyond watches.

Theres always skepticism when something new comes out. People who ended up using the watch surprisingly werent negative about it in my circle. If its under an add on promo or a price of 59.99 people will be happier than buying for 250 with high expectations.

bithush said,
What watch is it?

Casio Telememo 30 AW-80-7AVDF

Also spoke with my grandma. And apparently she got me the watch when I was 10. So its been ticking away no problem for 11 years.

Edited by Ad Man Gamer, Jun 3 2014, 5:49pm :

But then people won't see what a douche you are walking around with a smartwatch :)

(disclaimer: i'm just joking, please have a sense of humour and don't take it personally)

I installed the update yesterday. There are a few more visual customisation options, which are definitely appreciated. The battery life is supposedly improved but it will take a while to discover if that's noticeable - it was already lasting 3-4 days, so it was never a major issue. Definitely a worthwhile update.

Overall I quite like the Galaxy Gear but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't get it free with their contract.

pramu said,
They wont do it on phones anytime soon as there is a huge lack of apps..:).

They just have to support them. Trivial thing to do since most are Java under dalvik. In fact android has the weakest grip on their apps compared to ios and win32 due to its Java app roots

neonspark said,

They just have to support them. Trivial thing to do since most are Java under dalvik. In fact android has the weakest grip on their apps compared to ios and win32 due to its Java app roots

If BlackBerry can make an Android Runtime that allows 98% of Android to work I'm sure Samsung can do it with Tizen as well.

FloatingFatMan said,
Wonder how long it'll be before they start pushing Tizen to their phones, too...

Next major release, so next year? Galaxy 6S =).