Samsung: Over 100m Galaxy S series phones sold so far

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung showcased its futuristic 'Youm' flexible screen technology in a Windows Phone prototype. The bendy display may well represent the next big thing for Samsung, but over the last couple of years, it’s not been pliable screens or the Windows Phone OS that have ensured the company’s extraordinary success in mobile (and its enormous profits across the board) – it’s been Android and Samsung’s phenomenally popular Galaxy S series of smartphones.

Samsung has just revealed that it has now sold over 100 million such devices, just two years and seven months after the first Galaxy S handset was launched in May 2010. That first device has since been surpassed by both the S II and S III, and joined by other handsets in the range, including the Galaxy S II Plus and S III Mini.

The company is still seeing significant sales of the Galaxy S II range of handsets, with over 40 million units sold during the last twenty months. Even more impressive is that the newer Galaxy S III has also sold 40 million units in just seven months – with an incredible 10 million sales in the last two months alone. On average, Samsung says, 190,000 S III handsets are being sold every day.

By comparison, Nokia revealed a few days ago that during the last quarter, it sold a total of 4.4m Lumia handsets across its entire available range of Windows Phones (510, 610, 710, 800, 810, 820, 900 and 920) – which puts into perspective the challenge that both Nokia and Microsoft share in gaining ground on their mobile rivals.

Source and image: Samsung Tomorrow Flickr | via Engadget

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True, people got smart and do not want limited proprietary device locked by apple greed. I would never get this overpriced junk called iphone.

im happy with mine big upgrade from my htc legend i have the sgs3 gt-9300t quadcore 1gig ram
call quality is great speed is great loving it

Not surprised, it's selling like hotcakes, I'm still impressed with mine, even tho it's the 1 gig ram version (i9300 I think)

I just upgraded to a Galaxy S3 from an HTC Incredible. Love it so far. The screen is large, but not too large and the call quality is pretty good. Loads of features in it too. Samsung makes good stuff recently between the F3 spinpoint, LED/LCD TVs, and phones.

Argh, damn the lack of caffeine. As I was going to say - I'm observing the same trend here. There are a lot of Galaxy SIIIs out there. iPhone 5? Not as common.

Mephistopheles said,
Argh, damn the lack of caffeine. As I was going to say - I'm observing the same trend here. There are a lot of Galaxy SIIIs out there. iPhone 5? Not as common.

Hipsters rejoice!
Apple is underground again!

On a more serious note:
those sales numbers are astonishing and I think well deserved.
If only Samsung stopped this pentile display nonsense though...


i agree, apple seriously needs to do a lot of work with the software and implement a lot of smaller features.

I was shocked at the many very minor things that my Samsung Note2 does when compared to my iPhone, things like registering phone numbers and sms messages as spam, much better notification screen with the ability to toggle wifi etc..

Apple has the hardware down and used to be ok with the software, now they are defintely lagging.

I haven't really experienced much of the Windows Phones apart from a 2 week trial a couple of years ago and a quick play with a HTC 8x so i can't really comment on those.

They spend more time with litigation than innovation so what do you expect. And because of how they've behaved, anything they add thats been patented by someone else, cant be added. Hence why iOS6 added nothing.

Wow I wonder what will happen if Samsung puts efforts n resources in Windows Phone. Will Samsung sell 100m Windows Phones in 2 years? I bet they will sell millions and dethrone Nokia as the best handset maker in both platforms. =P

Princess Chica Ami said,

Much like asking how things would be different if only Apple licensed OSX to other OEMs.
These kinds of things will not happen.

Samsung have already stated that the Windows ecosystem is too 'locked down' to push any differentiation (like swype by default) from other OEMs.
Their Windows phone efforts are merely to keep their Android Patent Protection Licensing down.
It shows, with the Ativ-S looking like an Android rehash.

Almost every week/month, I see a friend who is getting a Samsung Galaxy SIII (some moved from iPhone), so this figure is about right