Samsung reportedly working on Windows RT tablet

Samsung may be one of the third party hardware makers planning on releasing a tablet based on Microsoft's Windows RT operating system for a fall launch. This rumor comes after Samsung has already announced plans to release a Windows 8 all-in-one PC as well as a Windows 8 hybrid laptop-tablet.

Bloomberg reports, via unnamed sources, that in addition to these products, Samsung will also release a Windows RT-based tablet. The only other detail about the tablet in the article was that it will use a ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside. If true, it will be the first Windows RT tablet that will have a Qualcomm processor. Other upcoming Windows RT devices that have been revealed, including Microsoft's recently announced Surface device, have been announced with NVIDIA's Tegra chip inside.

The Samsung Windows RT tablet is expected to be released in October. That's also when Microsoft is expected to officially launch both Windows RT and its x86 counterpart Windows 8.

Samsung has been the earliest hardware supporters of Windows 8. During Microsoft's BUILD developer conference in September 2011, the attendees were given a free Samsung Slate touch screen PC with the Developer Preview version of Windows 8 installed. It has also been a big supporter of Windows Phone and will launch products based on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS later this year as well.

Source: Bloomberg

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Upside WP tablets will actually run well! Got superpad 6 for me dad (it is a cheapo tablet dual core, 1 GB ram) and lags alot on the most simplest of things and its running ICS 4. I tried a custom rom and lags like hell. So take it if ya want a half decent 10inch tablet defo need to spend at least £200 I reckon.

I think windows RT would run brilliantly on a snapdragon s4 dual core to keep price down

Bloomberg beat DigiTimes for best sources! Look to forward with new RT tablets. That mean RT Tablet wars like Android tablets