Samsung reveals two new Windows 8 notebooks ahead of CES 2013

With CES 2013 just a few days away, Samsung continues to reveal new products ahead of the big trade show in Las Vegas. Earlier this week, the company announced it would launch some new PC monitors, including a touchscreen model made for Windows 8. Today, it revealed two new models in its Series 7 notebooks, the Chronos and the Ultra, and both will be made available with touchscreen versions.

The Series 7 Chronos, shown above, is the big and heavy one of the two notebooks. It weighs 5.8 pounds and has a 15.6 inch display. Inside there is a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and an AMD Radeon HD 8870M graphics chip. In terms of storage, you can get up to 1 TB of hard drive space and as far as memory you can have between 4 to 16 GB of RAM.

The new Series 7 Ultra is the Ultrabook notebook, designed to be thin and light with a weight of 3.2 pounds and a 13.3 inch display. You can get either an Intel Core 15 or i7 processor and storage of up to 256 GB in a SSD. The Series 7 Ultra comes with a non-touchscreen option.

Samsung has still not revealed pricing or a launch date for either of these two notebooks. The company could reveal more information on its CES 2013 website in the near future.

Source: Samsung | Image via Samsung

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The negative commenters here are a great example of what's wrong with our industry.
When Microsoft change, the world is over, because what was good enough is now different and requires re-education.

Just because we've been content to live in a 'good enough' world doesn't mean it really is good enough.

The world at large is very diverse and if we want to extend our reach to everyone, many input options will need to exist. Touch, keyboard/mouse, Stylus, Voice, Kinect.....
While something is good enough for you, having that as the only option keeps others from achieving the same technology benefits you take for granted today.

I for one support this touch first world. Good on the OEMs for getting their products in line with the future.

So what's a laptop if these are Notebooks? Is there such a thing anymore, or are all notebooks / netbooks etc just sub-devices in the big group "laptop".

Hmmm... No one I know calls anything a notebook.

I want to invest in a touch screen, but I've seen none that impress me. I want one that can bend at the base and at the monitor like my current HP w2207 can.

airedwin said,
Doesn't make sense. Why put the touchscreen on the less portable machine?

Because you are either living in the past or refuses to expierence the great touch of the future. Btw laptop is very portable FYI

It actually makes perfect sense. Touch is the future. If they didn't put a touchscreen, people would consider it outdated. Even at desktop monitors are becoming touch screen (some people at my workplace are already using touch screen monitors, and it makes their workflow much easier especially with Windows 8).

doesn't make sense till you try it. touchscreen laptops are in such high demand,stores cant keep them on the shelves.

vcfan said,
doesn't make sense till you try it. touchscreen laptops are in such high demand,stores cant keep them on the shelves.

There are two common traits of touch laptop critics:

1) They've barely, if ever, actually interacted with one.
2) They criticize them almost angrily, as if fighting some great injustice.

Touch laptops work, and they work surprisingly well, and drawing mental images of forcing users to hover their hands over their keyboards all the time just make you look ignorant. That isn't how they're used. That's *never* how they're used. There's this word: augment. Learn it.