Samsung Sees Huge Global Interest in WiBro Technology

Samsung Electronics said Tuesday "major nations" will use Korea's homegrown WiBro mobile wireless Internet technology from next year. Samsung Electronics president Lee Ki-tae made the remark at a meeting to promote the technology that was attended by NTT DoCoMo president Masao Nakamura, Telecom Italia marketing chief Massimo Castelli and other industry heavyweights.

At the event dubbed Samsung Mobile WiMAX Summit 2006 in Seoul, Lee said WiBro has been attracting global attention since it was chosen as the next-generation telecom network for U.S. telecom provider Sprint Nextel. He said 33 telecom providers from 22 countries are considering introducing the technology, with China, Japan and Middle Eastern countries particularly keen.

The company unveiled a prototype WiBro terminal called Deluxe MITs at the event. The handbag-sized gadget functions as a cell phone, PC, MP3 player, game device and digital camera. Lee predicted it would by and by replace notebooks and change people's lifestyle. The device will go commercial in February or March. Lee said customers will be able to access the WiBro service in most of Seoul by the end of the year and from next year investment in the project is to be expanded to take coverage nationwide. He added the market will grow explosively since Intel and Motorola are also striving to develop the technology. Market researcher Yankee Group expects the number of subscribers to reach 27.7 million by 2011.

News source: Digital Chosunilbo
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haha it's funny how no one sees that this is the future. Total dependance on computers is just around the corner they will be in cereal boxes soon. Can you imagine a computer you can carry anywere that does just about anything you walk past a person thats like you and it tells you if you could be friends the application of such a thing is limitless.

The thing is, small PCs work! I use my PocketPC daily to read my mail, look up traffic jams and much more... I just don't see why something like this needs a full blown Windows XP on it.
I saw the UMPC last month and I think that's as small as Windows XP should go... but that's my opinion. If many people don't agree with me, fine by me... maybe this is the future.

as long as they don't invent a revolutionary new way to input comfortably and fast large amounts of data and be able to see them at a decent resolution and size, laptops won't go anywhere

Widnows would work pretty fine on that kind of a screen, I've seen windows on some obscurely unique Japanese laptops that have screens even smaller than that, and at the right resolution they can look just great.

I also hate small screens but seriously, some of those tiny sony and umpc devices have ingenious magnification methods that quickly switch between hi and low res modes. This way you can see the big picture in high res when viewing websites etc then switch to low res mode to actually read content.