Samsung Ships 8-Gbyte NAND Flash

Samsung Electronics has started sampling an 8-Gbyte NAND flash memory module, the highest density embedded flash memory developed to date, signalling the next generation of flash-based MP3 players and other portable devices. Samsung claims the capacity is equivalent to the GPS data for the entire Western world. The hardware company plans to begin production in the second quarter and hit mass numbers by the end of the year. The high-density MoviNAND module consists of four 16-Gbit flash chips, each manufactured using 50-nm technology. The flash processes data at 52 Mbytes/s. Samsung did not disclose the power consumption of the new chip, but said it was 10-20% percent smaller than existing flash-based embedded memory.

News source: ExtremeTech

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Angel Blue01 said,
Anything that drives the price of flash memory down is good! :)

yup im definetly hoping for a 4 GB sandisk flash drive to show up at costco by the end of 2008 for around 50 bucks. Currently they offer a 2 GB Sandisk for 45 bucks

Bah! If you live in western Canada, drop by the stores in Vancouver, or order from them online. I got TWO (2) Secure Digital Memory cards (Patriot brand) at 2GB each for a grand total of $44. (That's $22.00 each)

It was a limited deal at the time, and I'm glad I got 'em when I did. Sure, the quality of the memory may not be the greatest, but why not make up for it in quantity?


an 8-Gbyte NAND flash memory module.......density MoviNAND module consists of four 16-Gbit flash chips

doesnt make sence?

Currently 8GB(Gigabyte) memory modules are created using 8x8Gb(Gigabit) chips.

This new develop allows 8GB (Gigabyte) memory modules to be created using 4x16Gb(Gigabit) chips.

This also means that memory modules have the ability to go up to 8x16Gb(Gigabit) which is 16GB

Bottom line: The next Ipod Nano Apple releases could be 16GB(Gigabyte) which is double the size of the largest Ipod Nano.