Samsung to hold Galaxy S II launch event August 29

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been a hit over in Europe and smartphone junkies have been anxiously awaiting the Android-based phone to be launched here in the US. Now Samsung has apparently set a date for a special launch event in New York City for "a major project announcement", according to a new story at Engadget. While the announcement doesn't say flat out that the Galaxy S II is the product to be revealed, the "II" at the bottom of the invite is a pretty big clue.

While the phone might be making its US debut soon, it is already a big hit overseas. Recently Samsung stated that the phone has sold a total of 5 million units since it launched earlier this year in Europe, Japan, and Korea. The phone is running on Android 2.3, with a large 4.3 inch screen, a dual-core processor with speeds of 1.2 GHz, an eight megapixel camera in the back, a two megapixel camera in the front for video chat and more.

It's expected that all three top wireless carriers in the US will offer up their own version of the Samsung Galaxy S II but each company will give the phone a different name. Rumors have Verizon Wireless naming it the 'Samsung Function' while AT&T is supposed to name it it the 'Samsung Attain'. Sprint is supposed to put the Samsung Within label on the phone. There are also other rumors that a version of the Galaxy S II could run on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

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McKay said,
I thought Apple was getting this phones sales banned?

Nah! They banned Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe.

Why this thread is in the Apple news section?

MariosX said,

Nah! They banned Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe.

Why this thread is in the Apple news section?

So the "apple" on the most popular tags gets bigger.

My Captivate is still holding up well. I just put the leaked 2.3.3 on it using Oden, rooted, loaded a custom kernel and removed AT&T's bloat-ware. This phone is SO MUCH better with 2.3.3 than it was with even a custom 2.2 ROM. So even though the Galaxy S II seems like a great phone, I have to wait another 11 months before my contract is up and I can grab this for 150 bucks. I am not paying 600+ dollars for a phone.

I can't wait to get one of these puppies. Man, i've been waiting so long now but maybe with it more available pricing can/will go down! Not paying $700, even though i got the cash!

I can't believe the USA is so far behind on getting the S II. over here in the Netherlands the first "wow that new phone is hot" has already passed.
For people looking at buying it: the phone looks nice, works really smooth and all the desktops are filled with widgets you don't want...(you can all remove them quite easily).

It's good they left the US market till last. hopefully it'll set a precedence with them from now on.

And no WP7 isn't allowed to run on recent hardware.

Borix said,
If MS could get WP7 on this device it could be a bug push forward.

I'm really hoping there will be a WP7 Mango version of this phone (with the same specs and screen, minus the buttons), because if so, it will definitely get me to drop my iphone and switch. I'm wanting to switch anyway, but this is the phone I want, only with WP7 on it.