Samsung: We don't want HP's PC business

HP's PC business might be up for sale in the near future. At least that's what HP is considering along with spinning it off into a separate company or keeping it within HP. Now one of the companies rumored to be interested in acquiring HP's PC division has already taken itself out of the race. Samsung posted up word on its official blog site that, "The recent rumors that Samsung Electronics will be taking over Hewlett-Packard Co.'s personal computer business are not true. We hope this clarifies any confusion that may have occurred."

Samsung may have removed itself from getting HP's PC business but that may leave the door open for other tech companies to consider an acquisition deal. reports that Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu had Samsung as the top pick before Samsung's blog announcement. However Acer, Lenovo, Sony and Dell could all put in a bid for the PC business, according to Wu.

The China-based manufacturer -- Lenovo -- has already got some experience in this area. It bought IBM's PC business several years ago, including its popular ThinkPad notebooks. Dell is the number two PC maker in the world, behind HP. CEO, Michael Dell made a few snarky comments on HP last week on his Twitter account.  One of Dell's comments was, "Goodbye HP, Sorry you don't want to be in PCs anymore .. But we do more than ever. How would you say goodbye to HP?." Wu says that HP's total PC business may be worth about $8 billion.

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I can't imagine some of these companies being interested in this purchase honesetly.

Dell is far to arogant to ever consider such a deal (And probably wouldn't get approval for the purchase anyway.).

Sony has been having some tight financial times, so I don't know that they'd want to spend the money. And they kind of pride themselves on selling high end PC's for the most part. At a premium. I can't imagine them buying a fairly budget minded brand.

Lenovo might be a possibility, but I'd be surprised if they bought into another brand when they've been working so hard to grow the one they've already purchased...

Acer I'm not too familiar with, so I'm not sure how much they would be able to afford. But honestly they might be the best fit since Acer also favors budget minded consumers.

It really is bizarre that HP would want to sell off their PC business though. It makes me think that they're having some serious financial problems to be honest.

PC Business = Putting Intel and AMD products in metal boxes, selling them to people and answering calls from those who can't figure out how to plug them in.

Why would Samsung, or anyone, BUY that?

SpyderCanopus said,
OuuUUU! HP got dissed! "We don't want ya stinkin' computa's, ya hear? Now get outta hare!"

Of course they wouldn't. The future is mobile, samsung knows it, apple knows samsung knows it (hence why they are fighting it out in court) believe it or not the truth is Samsung is the only strong player against apple, apple knows that and is using the court system to fight off Samsung because apple will only go for the top of the market, Samsung goes for up down and sideways. As far as features Samsung is killing it with the Galaxy S II , and the iPhone 5 (which would be its competitor) isn't even out yet.

jimmyfal said,
How about Microsoft?

MSFT just paid $8.5 billion for Skype, I don't think they are in the market for any large acquisitions. Besides which, the last thing they need is to take on a massive HP division and find a way to integrate them into the sleek MSFT culture.

tommytom02 said,

I would just love to see the EU's reaction to that one...

Why should there be any problem? Microsoft currently doesn't have anything to do with building PCs and selling them directly to customers. Microsoft would have to worry more about losing partner faith than the EU.

I wouldn't recommend that to MS anyway because of the huge sum. It's not worth it because they can go the Apple way quite easily from the ground up all by themselves with much much less than $8billion.

The World's largest PC business is really cheap at $8 billion.

And Lenovo is unlikely since they are growing pretty nicely, even though the rest of PC world is going downhill. They actually increased their profits by 100%, over previous year!
Acer has had a pretty poor balance sheet after the "death of netbooks", so I count them out too.
My guess is Dell, or it becoming a separate financial entity, with little or no control presided over by HP.

I can't see Dell being allowed to buy it, to be honest... I think the EU and the US Government would kick up a big fuss and issue a resounding no if it tried to happen.

Douglas_C said,
I can't see Dell being allowed to buy it, to be honest... I think the EU and the US Government would kick up a big fuss and issue a resounding no if it tried to happen.
You probably are right.