Samsung's new Windows Phone gets a name

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it had signed up nine new hardware partners to Windows Phone, including Lenovo, LG and ZTE. But what of the four manufacturers that already signed up to the Windows Phone platform? 

A couple of days ago, HTC confirmed that it remains committed to the OS, and that new handsets are on the way. Nokia is guaranteed to remain a Windows Phone vendor as Microsoft will soon take over its devices and services business, but neither Huawei nor Samsung have yet confirmed their plans for the platform. 

Samsung's ATIV S was one of the launch devices for Windows Phone 8

Still, there have been continued rumours of a new Samsung Windows Phone on the way, and thanks to reliable leaker @evleaks, that device now has a name. The device, known also by its model number SM-W750V or codename 'Huron', will be sold on Verizon in the US, and will be known as the Samsung ATIV SE.

Samsung launched the ATIV S with Windows Phone 8 in late 2012 - largely based on the Galaxy S III - and later gave the device a modest refresh as the ATIV S Neo. The company's only other Windows Phone 8 handset was the mid-range Odyssey

The ATIV SE is said to run Windows Phone 8.1, which means it is unlikely that we'll hear anything about it officially until after Microsoft formally announces the updated OS at its BUILD conference in early April. 

Source: @evleaks

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When I hear "SE" the first thing that comes to mind is are "special edition" versions of software that used to be bundled on PCs from Dell, Gateway, etc. Use it for a certain amount of time (or number of times) and then get prompted to purchase it.

That seemed to create a market for programs such as PC Decrapifier (formerly Dell Decrapifier) and CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner).


Aryeh Goretsky

Why don't they name their WP phones Samsung Galaxy W, or Samsung Windows Galaxy? They could atleast piggy back on the massive Galaxy brand and marketing then, and likely make a better dent in the WP marketshare, which if it keeps growing as it is will be largely dominated by Nokia when it reaches critical mass

They own the brand so what sort of contract limitation could there be? Or are you referring to using 'Windows'?

Still no reason not to use Galaxy W

I wish samsung would just add dual boot capabilities to their phones. I know they can't because of guidelines in windows phone hardware, but making their devices much more homogeneous would probably decrease production cost. They would need to convince microsoft to let them install windows phone 8.1 on the go and somone have the ability to install android if you wished. geeks wet dream.
*Sigh* one can dream.

i'll take any windows phone that doesn't use the blasted microsim or nanosim... D:

huge phones with tiny sim cards are like sumo wrestlers with small nuts..... D:

Comment of the week

mocax said,
huge phones with tiny sim cards are like sumo wrestlers with small nuts..... D:

I don't like 'em either but really, how many times are you going to insert and remove the card for it to be such a huge issue?

SE.. Sony Ericsson, because ATIV didn't already remind us enough of Sony's VITA.

I like how VITA stands for life making the ATIV the reverse of life. Kind of what Samsung hopes to achieve for WP.