Seagate Buys MetaLincs

Seagate Technology, the No. 1 player in the cutthroat hard-disk drive business, said today that it will beef up its services division by acquiring MetaLincs, a company that makes "e-discovery" software that helps corporations, attorneys and prosecutors sift through e-mails and other records more efficiently.

Seagate will pay an undisclosed amount for MetaLincs, whose software sorts through mountains of e-mails, documents and other data to produce a visual analysis of what people were talking about and other patterns. The software is designed to zero in on e-mails and documents relevant to a particular case, shaving legal fees, for example, that can run hundreds of dollars per hour. The hard-disk maker hopes to close the deal this month.

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I love Seagate, my 7200.10 model hdd is so reliable and efficient. My dad's hdd keeps having problem it's his second western digital crap. Sorry but two unreliable drive in a row is unacceptable for me, and it's me who needs to install my dad's computer all over again, again.

Sounds like a good acquisition. That line of work can only become more profitable as more and more people use e-mails etc for correspondence.