Search Engine Targets Aging, Impatient Boomers

A new search engine,, was launched earlier this week and plans to profit from age-specific ads by targeting the 50-year-old-plus baby boomer. The man behind the site is Jeff Taylor, known for founding the online employment site The name "cranky" was chosen by Taylor – it supposedly illustrates his mood whenever he gets lost searching the web.

Now CEO at Eons, Taylor hopes that the search engine's design will simplify Web searching by only displaying results pertinent to someone at least 50 years of age. Compete, an online market research company, helped the site find advertisements by identifying and analyzing 5,000 of the most popular Web sites used by a group of 500,000 users aged 45 and up.

Cranky includes a user interface that limits the first page to the top four authoritative sites matching the search term. The sites are rated and reviewed by Eons members and the ratings in turn influence the top sites. The search engine can potentially improve as more users engage with rankings. Of course, any rating system is prone to abuse and will have quite a workout converting users from other search engines already out thre.

News source: InfoWorld

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I'm sure that baby boomers will use this now because it has ads directed at them..........................................................

Am I the only person who is sick of this stupid baby boomer crap? God damn, use Google. How much more simpler can it get than that?

I too am sick of the baby boomer stuff too. Whenever I turn on the TV these days it's some documentary about what baby boomers think of this that and the other.

Maybe because we are the largest, most influential, and wealthiest segment of the population, idiots. Now why don't you drink your milk, put your jammies on, and go to bed. Someday you'll be old enough to stay up with the big kids.

strekship said,
I wonder what the #1 search term will always be?
Amongst men, probably one of the following:

- Viagra
- Cialis
- ED
- Porno