Sensible Soccer XBLA Dated

Sources close to Codemasters have revealed that Sensible World of Soccer will be available on 19th December, just in time for Christmas. Word slipped on the publisher forums where community manager "Rubbergenius" leaked the date. Neither Codemasters Online Gaming or Microsoft have been available to comment - the publisher told us last week that an announcement was expected soon - but we understand the date is accurate.

Sensible World of Soccer is based on the 96/97 version of the classic football series. Everything has been faithfully recreated here from the humorous teams to the management options and team editing.

News source: EuroGamer

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Why not just get an Atari ST/Amiga and play the original (or an emulator)?

** Oh just noticed, it's for Live, and hence for playing others online, sure you could so that with the megadrive/amiga emulator version?