Several Windows 8 apps offering free deals

We have already reported that the Tweetro+ app for Windows 8 has a holiday sale going on right now that cuts its price down by half. However, it is not the only app that has a limited time offer from the Windows Store.

Microsoft has listed six apps that have special offers that will expire on January 31st. Two of the apps are Disney games: Where's My Water and Where's My Perry. The full versions of both games are now free to download from now until the end of January. Each game is normally $1.49.

You can also download the New York Times Windows 8 app and get free unlimited access to all of the newspaper's stories until January 31st. You would normally have to pay $20 for that full access. ESPN's Windows 8 app also offers access to its expanded Insider services. Normally it would cost $2.50 for that service.

Zinio, the electronic magazine newsstand, has an offer for Windows 8 users that offers a free $50 voucher. The voucher allows them to purchase single issues or mini-subscriptions to the magazines in their catalog. Finally, the recently launched Expedia hotel reservation app has some special deals exclusively for Windows 8 owners that could save people up to 60 percent on their hotel stay.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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hehe, I guess there are two sides to every coin.

I use Windows 8 and wish I could disable the desktop side of the OS.

For my kids and parents, using windows 8 has been a great experience... until they get lost in the desktop. It'd be much easier to just disable it and never see it again.

Understood; that for power users the desktop is still needed, but why don't we have the choice of removing the metro or desktop parts of the OS via policy settings or something. Seems a little weird, even on Windows 8 RT machines that you can't disable the pretty useless desktop mode there, at least for normal user accounts (save for lack Office use).

So Where's My Water and Where's My Perry are already in Windows Store?

Thanks Neowin for this info...haven't read this news from other sites

Sites like Gizmodo runs daily listings of ios and Android apps for sale. Tuaw has daily listings for ios apps on sale, but nobody claims those stores have problems selling apps. Win8 does it, and suddenly everybody thinks they are having problems.