Shift Linux Art Contest winners!

Well, the votes are in, albeit a bit late, and we're ready to announce the winners of our Shift Linux Art Contest winners. The contest was a huge success, with over 660 votes (663 to be exact), representing a reasonable portion of our userbase. The most popular category was Bootscreens with 165 votes out of the total.

And now, the winners:

We'd like to thank all entrants for their fantastic work: everyone did a great job. We'll probably choose some secondary art based on the art teams choices, in addition to some influence from the second place results.

One last note: we sort of need someone who can make a Gnome theme for us, based on the mockups ''. Just PM me (simon360) you are interested.

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that wallpaper is hideous, i would reconsider that one. And i would have liked to see more unification of the theme too, it seems slightly disjointed.

Well if you don't like it, do a better job yourself and submit it for the next release. You can also just change them, it's only default it's not like it's permanent or something. I do agree about the unification, never really crossed my mind before :redface:

The wallpaper award should seriously go up for reconsideration!! It's good, but not the best. Seems like a normal picture with the logo and a faded circle superimposed on it!!! Seen a lot of other better designs submitted like 'Shift Glow' , 'Fusion Shift', 'Work and Play', 'Shift Arrows', etc. Those guys seemed to have done some serious work on it and they don't get squat!!!

The majority hsa the winnig vote. Just because your opinion is different to the majority, does not mean it should go your way.

As for people saying that the results wher wrong and the real winners are other ones, that is not true. Neowin tends to be quite fair with things like this and would not INTENTIONALY go out of its way to overthrow the winnig votes.

If you feel however that the winners are wrong because of statistics in voting etc, then you can always contact an admin or the Neowin PR representitve, who i am sure will look in to things for you.

However, posting flame bait on here is not going to help your cause.

Since Shift Linux is a community project of Neowin, the Shift Linux team wanted to let the community as a whole decide on what artwork would brand the final 0.5 version. The voting was open to all members. No one on the team had influence on the results........ we simply tabulated the results of the voting.

While some may not be crazy about the artwork that won, this was a democratic process. We will have future versions of Shift Linux that will be branded with other types of artwork and a more unified theme across the board.

Thanks for everyone's input

So why not use stock graphics until a unified theme is ready? As it is, it may well be the ugliest distro out there.

m.keeley said,
So why not use stock graphics until a unified theme is ready? As it is, it may well be the ugliest distro out there.
The Gnome and Flux releases are separate CDs, so it really isn't a show-stopping big deal if they look different (after all, flux doesn't have the menubar that Gnome does, either). Stock graphics for Flux and for Gnome would be different anyway, and that would not solve anything.

If it makes it any easier for you to accept the fact that Gnome and Flux will be released with different looks, think of this as the first step toward unified themes - a test release with first shots at customized themes for the two environments. After all, this is still a 0.5 version release. ;)

Relax. Or, better yet, jump in and help with creating a unified theme.

I dunno what all the criticism is about. I thought that it all looked nice and neat and although every element was created by a different artist they all work together. Thats just my opinion looking at the pictures in the link.

Besides, it is suppose to be an OS not a modern art gallery.

Very valid point there. Wouldnt people rather have an OS that is usable rather than looking good but working crap?

To be honest people will always think it looks bad. Compaired to the number that think it looks good though, it doesnt matter how many complain.

Rich said,
Very valid point there. Wouldnt people rather have an OS that is usable rather than looking good but working crap?

What's wrong with wanting both?

Why can't you show some respect? We got the point the first time you said you didn't like the artwork, there's no need to spam/flamebait anymore. You make something better, PM it to me or another project admin, and then we'll talk.

This is what I was told when I contacted Simon 360 :

"Well, that was the original plan. However, before we decided to have the contest, we discovered that by clicking constantly, you can rate your wallpaper up to a 5 or down to a 0. As a result, the system was really flawed. This way was better because everyone got one vote per category, plus you wouldn't have people simply rate everything a 5."

And as far as highest rated goes, it was some dude named 'Midnight Aliasghar' or something like that (no offence). Good luck trusting a voting system that was flawed even before the contest began. Pity the others hard work!!!

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