Si, Facebook will now speak Spanish

Not content with owning the English speaking world, has announced a Spanish version of its popular social network service. Facebook users can change over to Spanish starting on Monday when the option will appear in their account settings.

Facebook's main rival MySpace already supports Spanish, French, German and Italian, including a site for U.S. Spanish speakers and another for French Canadians.

Top 10 Most Active Nations

  1. United States (26 million)
  2. Britain (8 million)
  3. Canada (7 million)
  4. Turkey
  5. Australia
  6. France
  7. Sweden
  8. Norway
  9. Columbia
  10. South Africa

60% of Facebook's 64 million users live outside the United States including 7 million that live in Canada (suggesting that nearly a third of Canadians use it). More to the point, 2.8 million of those international users live in Latin America or Spain plus there is a growing population of Spanish-speaking people who live inside the United States.

News source: Reuters

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I just noticed this yesterday coincidentally when I was looking through the options. Hopefully they support other languages soon - it'll open the door to other countries!

+lylesback2, have you ever heard of France? Supposedly they speak French there...

nemo, they're going for global market share -- they don't care about the quality, only quantity -- so they've since shed their exclusivity. Ironically, many people believe the next big social network (with staying power) is the one catering ONLY to college/university/alumni students and personnel. Everything else is practically done already.

My opinion is this: Fb will keep growing until they are MySpace's size... which is the size of Internet users bored enough to open an account and only use it until its trumped. MySpace will flame out when Fb has taken over its market share; Fb will begin to flame out after the Next Social Network + Service platform is released.

Required? The get core English starting in grade 4. Assuming they learn about as much English as Ontarians in core French programs then I wouldn't go out on a limb and say that they can all speak English (any more than I would say that all Ontarians can speak French).

(lylesback2 said @ #1)
French shouldn't be a huge concern, because all Canadians are required to speak English

And they say that Americans are ignorant... shame to see people from my own country displaying such bigottry!

ugh. Facebook might as well join with myspace. It's starting to suck just like it.

Too bad it didn't stick to it's roots and only allow college students join

(markjensen said @ #1.1)
Thanks. Now the "Main" news dropdown reads "Sí, Facebook will now s..."

Improved? I'm not positive about that.

I reverted it back to avoid the í tag popping up in unwanted places. Just picture the accent in your mind.

(markjensen said @ #1.1)
Thanks. Now the "Main" news dropdown reads "Sí, Facebook will now s..."

Improved? I'm not positive about that.

It was just a joke sir.