Silverlight & Blockbuster brings you Jackass 2.5, for Free

In one of the most bizarre agreements I have yet reported on, the makers of Jackass 1 and 2 have agreed to team up with Microsoft to release JACKASS 2.5, for free, using the software giant's Silverlight technology. On December 19th (through December 31st), Viacom Incorporated and Blockbuster will premiere the first-ever, studio-backed feature streamed movie in its entirety online. Just like the previous ones, this movie will include stunts and pranks which will only result in you spending hours convincing your friends they aren’t safe to try at home. If you’re interested (and are 17 or older), or you just don’t want have to buy it (for the kids) later, head over to this Wednesday (time unknown as of this newspost).

It's all so clear now - this is how Microsoft plans to push Silverlight!

The cast will include Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Steve-O, Ehren McGhehey, Jason “Wee Man” Acuña, Preston Lacy and Ryan Dunn. “We are very excited to be able to deliver Jackass 2.5, the first feature-length movie from a major studio which will debut free on the internet. The Jackass movie is the first of several feature films that we plan on distributing online and as the digital world evolves, Paramount will continue to turn digital distribution of content on its head,” states Thomas Lesinski, President of Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment.

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Which is the whole point they call it JACKASS It also shows that these guys aren't afraid what others think about them which I completely respect. Obviously people like watching them. The other movies made a pretty good amount of money.

BTW you forgot the S in that's. Not something you want to do when referring to something else as stupid.

All you ever do is complain about 95% of what's on Neowin. Find another hobby because this one is getting old.

Obviously people like watching them. The other movies made a pretty good amount of money

A lot of people like to watch roosters killing each other too. Now I'm not saying Jackass is near as bad as animal cruelty, the idiots on it are only hurting themselves. Just making the point that there are people who will watch anything. The lower IQ people have to have something to entertain them after all.

TRC said,
... The lower IQ people have to have something to entertain them after all.
Well, there are Monster Trucks and Professional Wrestling on TV. :P

Here's someone who has either never used Windows (not likely) or never seen the show.

That's the only way this comment makes any sense.

2.5? Is it half a movie?

Maybe they found the only way to improve a Jackass movie: make it shorter.

Or a more reasonable assumption: the studio marketing department hoovered up so much Media 2.0™ hype that
they ended up performing a feat Knoxville & co. would be proud of -- disappearing up their own ar*es.

I watched about 15 minutes of that movie and went and did something else. That movie was too..... much. They include barf bags with the damn movie!

I wonder how they're going to do age verification.

Looking over the comments here makes me think most readers aren't of legal age to see an "R" rated movie.

Better hope they don't screw this up, if loading/buffering times are bad, people will have a horrible first impression of Microsoft's Silverlight.

Relational marketing.

Microsoft will push MS Flash silverlight using a jackass movie.
so it's just a time matter that people will relate silverlight with jackass.

anyone notice how they are using adobe flash for the previews and stuff on the web site right now and not silverlight

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