Silverstone Fortress FT04 Case Review: Improving the Formula?

Silverstone cases are often praised by enthusiasts and HTPC builders alike, and with good reason. We last checked the Fortress FT03 which deserved TechSpot's Outstanding award and now two years later, the much anticipated Fortress FT04 has made it to market.

Upon first glance this latest version looks a lot like the FT01 that was released back in 2008. The FT04 shares similar dimensions to the FT01, with a slight increase in size that we assume simply means it can fit drives and longer graphics cards more comfortably.

The Fortress FT04 has been designed to maximize cooling while generating as little noise as possible and it sets out to do it in style. Included in the package is a pair of massive 180mm Air Penetrator AP182 adjustable fans which are kept dust free using a new HiFlow fan filter that improves flow rate by nearly 40% compared to its predecessor.

To contain unwanted noise Silverstone has lined much of the interior with foam pads, a method retained from previous designs, while new rear-angled front vents guide potential leaked noise away from the user.

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Not for me personally, rather build computer into a wall mount (so i am facing PC, with it being above monitor, glass panel ofc) Or built into a desk.

Go buy a nice solid desk and go to a glass maker and get some cut to size. Make right size hole in desk and just screw MB and stuff into desk cutting holes around edge for some fans. Looks sweet as hell and is so cheap to do.

THIS is the kind of case I like, where things are visible from the right side of the case (vid cards are upside down, but never was an issue for me, you get to see the pretty pictures stamped all over it).

EDIT: might anyone know where to find more of these kinds of cases? (the ones that face right)

Izlude said,

Transverse mounted ATX cases.

Had a Lian Li one time with Intel Q6550 and geforce somethingorother.
Nothing but thermal problems.

Be wary of transverse mounted designs, and only use components tested in such a setup. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Oh yeah. Foam inserts, and a glass window. Not a contradiction there at all

Kidding though, any effort in eliminating noise, is good. Foam is a good choice (remembers his Cosmos fondly), but high quality quiet fans are the best option. I have a Corsair 600T which isn't exactly known for it's silence, but have filled it with quiet fans, and now it's very quiet.