SimCity updated to include long-awaited offline single player mode

It's been over a year since developer Maxis and publisher Electronic Arts launched their revival of the SimCity franchise as an online-only multiplayer game. Today, Maxis and EA finally released "Update 10" for the game that adds a way to play SimCity in a classic offline single player mode.

While Maxis at first tried to defend their vision of an online SimCity after the game's release, many fans of the original series still wanted to play the game the old-fashioned way by themselves without an online requirement. EA announced their plans to offer such a mode in January.

In a blog post, SimCity's single player producer Meghan McDowell said that the team's goal was to make it as expansive as the current multiplayer mode. She also points out that mod creators will be able to alter the game via single player mode without the potential of those mods harming the multiplayer portion.

In a separate post, SimCity's lead single player engineer Simon Fox gives some more details on how they were able to put the mode in a game designed at first for online multiplayer. He states:

SimCity was written to rely on the servers. The game routinely pings the servers for critical pieces of data (region status, workers, trading etc.) and it relies on that information to keep the simulation moving. This meant rewriting the entire system, which previously existed in Java, and putting it into C++. We’ve had to knock out the internet pipe stuff. There’s lots of code that hits the servers looking for information. We’ve had to write a lot of code to produce that data locally, specifically for region information.

SimCity still needs an online connection to EA's Origin service to launch but once that's done players can switch to the game's single player mode and continue to play while offline.

Source: EA | Image via EA

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Oh..and btw I used that as an example due to the quote MADE by EA:

""We've got experience from Spore and Darkspore," Katserelis said, citing other recent Maxis games. "EA is an on online company. We're definitely watching what's going on at Blizzard, and we're putting in backstops and checks to try to prevent those kind of things from happening."

Not only did they repeat D3's/Blizzard's mistake, it was alot worse...but you wouldn't realize that since you have a 10ft pole stuck up your ass.

To be fair, it's a great game. The city sizes should be bigger, but the majority of the bugs have been ironed out. You can pick the game up on for £16... It is defo worth that price.

I pre-ordered this game before release and got ripped off for $60. This isn't enough to get me to come back to it...and after all the issues w/ previous EA games (Diablo III ring a bell?)...this is the last one I'll ever buy.

Sorry, but maybe you should do a little research before you just spout off random crap, EA did not make, or have anything at all to do with Diablo III. Diablo is a Blizzard franchise.

ranmas said,
Sorry, but maybe you should do a little research before you just spout off random crap, EA did not make, or have anything at all to do with Diablo III. Diablo is a Blizzard franchise.

was waiting for that feature before i make my purchase. now i'm simply not interested anymore. great strategy maxis / ea.

Its sucks how everything is push towards online now. What happen to the good old days when you would have friends come over and you would challenge them to a racing game and you would talk smack to each other and enjoy the day? These days most of the racing games and just about all games are only single player. Sucks.

TheExperiment said,

Wait wait wait people disagree on things? HOLY #### I NEVER KNEW THIS.
People disagree are you for serious right now?!?! *mind blown*

lol sorry when i hear "good ol'days" it just reminds me of everytime i visit my grandmas house and she tells 50 stories about those days and how good it it was back then without tv and how good it was to be so oblivious to everything going on and waking up at 5 every morning to work in the crops and tend to the cows. Apparentlly so much better than today with all this technology people are getting stupid because they dont read newspapers anymore.

Pretty much everyone refers to the good ol days as around the years they were 15-25 before you succumbed to society norms and became the adult they wanted you too.

Edited by Houtei, Mar 19 2014, 2:47pm :

In terms of city size at least EA kept the features such as regional city play and specialization cities, at least this helps with the city size limit

Co-ords said,
and all the pirates say YES!!

and all the pirates say "YES!! we already had offline mode shortly after the game was released... is this new DLC from EA?"

And all the loyal customers are saying "Please Mr EA sir, can we have some more gameplay?", EA replays "Sure little pirate, don't go sharing your game with anyone now... BTW, you need to buy this DLC to save your cities to the hard disk if you're using offline mode... that'll be $50 bucks"

Do they have subways yet? Or just monorails in their Cities of Tomorrow DLC? (Which is cool in some ways, but which I don't really care to buy).

I could almost (note -> almost) tolerate the sizes if they weren't perfect squares and were closer together, so it felt like the region was the city and each city felt like you were focusing on different districts.

While not a subway, I have built SEVERAL cities where maglev is useful. Maglev, unlike a subway system, needs fewer stops in order to be a success from a people-movement standpoint - a minimum SUCCESSFUL maglev system needs no more than six stops (and does require the Cities of Tomorrow ULC - that's right - Un-Lockable Content; you got the content already as part of Game Update 9, which included the new regions).

The Big Six Maglev Stops: City Hall, the Academy main building, the University, residential MegaTower group, Elite MegaTower group, Industrial/Commercial district.

The list CAN be shortened by putting some of these primary buildings near each other (the Academy can be located near either City Hall or the University, for example) - but maglev need not be all that complex.

virtorio - a lot of current real-world cities DO have inter-region or inter-neighborhood space (New York City, Tokyo, even Washington, DC) that is left as greenspace (in Washington, DC, Rock Creek Park consists of most of the inter-neighborhood greenspace in an example of "park sprawl"). That's what makes the Simcity example very realistic (as much as traditionalist Sim City mayors hate the idea).

It took them this long to do that?
Didn't a hacking group manage to make it work offline in a matter of hours... Without the source code?

n_K said,
It took them this long to do that?
Didn't a hacking group manage to make it work offline in a matter of hours... Without the source code?

Yes, in the torrents offline server is available and for the "Online only" game too :) EA are a bunch of idiots :)