Skype offers general roadmap for future mobile app improvements

Microsoft bought Skype in October 2011 and since then the user growth of the VoIP service has continued at a massive rate. Indeed, a new blog post from Skype indicates that the team will be concentrating on making the mobile app experience better in the coming months.

The post states that during some parts of the day, more people are now using Skype on their smartphone or tablet than the users on the PC. Nearly half of all new Skype users every month come from the mobile space and the growth rate of those new mobile users is now double what it was a year ago.

So the Skype team now says it will be putting more of a focus on improving the apps made for phones and tablets. It states:

Earlier this year, we started making some significant changes under the hood to the way in which our apps work, specifically around reliability, battery life and performance. We debuted some of this work first on Skype for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. As we said back then, this work helps ensure that calls and messages come in quickly, reliably and without affecting your battery life. We plan to bring these same enhancements to all the devices you use Skype on.

The Skype team will also strive to improve the text messaging experience on the mobile front and they also want all of the mobile apps to have the same features, regardless of platform. The blog states, "We have some work to do in this area, but you’ll increasingly see a more consistent feature set across all our apps by the end of the year."

Source: Skype blog | Image via Skype

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Skype on WP8 is a joke. Never connects a call to me or delivers a message. Same with Facebook and other aps that should run in the background seamlessly.
Very annoying. Glad to see Windows 8.1 seems to be missing all of the contact syncing at the moment and I'm hoping they are working are to fix all of the issues that are apparent in these apps and systems.

What makes me mad is the Skype integration in my old N900 was so much better than it is in my Lumina 920. Seriously, Nokia and Microsoft, get it right!

We still need actual push notifications, rather than having it constantly run in the background as it does currently on iOS.

Maybe they'll consider fixing the android version so that it actually displays the correct online status for your friends. Currently I have to go offline and back online to force a refresh. It makes it kind of useless if I don't know my friends are their to talk to, and similarly if they think I'm not there if forcing a refresh as above leaves them with the wrong status for me.

Also, switching status between online and away on my mobile immediately sets that status on the desktop client. Doing so on the desktop client does not affect the mobile client, and after a while the status on the mobile client is forced onto the desktop client.

Did anyone notice they redid the chat history on both the desktop and mobile? It is no longer slow or crashes on mac if you send a lot of messages its super quick.

Has anyone had offline messages work properly recently? As in, not needing to be online after you've sent an offline message, when the other contact comes online?

IT's not compatible with iOS7, even yesterday's "latest" version of Skype of the iPhone.

When you load Skype, running on iOS7 and then tap of the "Recent" icon on the tab bar, the Skype app crashes.

iOS7 is beta. Why would Microsoft care for a testing platform that has zero consumer base? Valid complain only on final iOS, you're on beta, don't whine.

Brian Miller said,
IT's not compatible with iOS7, even yesterday's "latest" version of Skype of the iPhone.

You beta stop complaining.

Eh it's no big deal. It's a beta, I knew that when I installed it. Kik didn't work either, but they just released an update that fixes the crashing issue completely.

I assume Skype is such a big project that they dont care about it working on iOS 7 until the last second.

Yes, I know. But it just blows my mind, I can use an MS service on an Android phone, but not on a Windows phone. Would be very little effort to fix :\

You mean all this time WP8 has had a Skype feature that the other platforms didn't get first. OMG, must have happened purely by accident. Let's not have that happen again MS, hell just might freeze over.

Improved battery life for their mobile apps is a massive plus. It's easily the biggest background battery drainer on my iPhone.