'Sleeping Dogs' and 'Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light' are January's free Xbox 360 games

Not only does January 1st, 2014 start a new year, it also bring some new freebies from Microsoft to Xbox 360 owners who are also paid Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The company announced today that January 2014's free games in their "Games for Gold" program are both published by Square Enix: “Sleeping Dogs” and “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light."

The announcement says that "Sleeping Dogs" will be offered for free from January 1st-15th. Developed by United Front Games and first released in August 2012, this open world action game has the player taking on the role of an undercover cop who is trying to take down the criminal Triads of Hong Kong. "Sleeping Dogs" normally costs $19.99 to download for the Xbox 360.

From January 16th-31st, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light". This is spin-off of sorts from the long running Tomb Raider franchise. Instead of a full third-person action game, "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" offers players a top down viewpoint as they guide adventurer Lara Croft through a number of puzzles and have her deal with many different enemies. It also supports co-op play with a friend. First released in 2010, the game normally costs $14.99.

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that owners of the new Xbox One console who sign up for Xbox Live Gold will be able to download free games every month as well, starting sometime in 2014, but details have yet to be announced.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Square Enix

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I knew Microsoft would offer this free, after I paid £6.99 for it after their last promotion on it! It is a cracking game, you need to be quite fast in this and I like it, like Dead or Alive with the combos!

I notice though the dates haven't changed on the bottom of the Games with Gold advert page, it still has 31/12/13 at the bottom in the tiny T&C section, they need to update it if they're doing this indefinitely. The thing that's annoying me is I have a ton of games I wanna buy on Amazon for my 360 but don't know which games MS are gonna give away! They need to come up with a definite roadmap then we can plan purchases and Live renewals for fave games

Edited by Tidosho, Dec 31 2013, 7:06pm :

Well it looks like I'll have free up a few GB of space on my 120GB ... only got about 5GB left at present!

I thought you "tried the Sleeping Dogs demo, hated it, deleted it!" according to Facebook. Oh, right, I get it, you want it cause it's free! Haha

I didn't like the missions in the demo at the time, but I'll give it a second look on this occasion.

I'm quite surprised they're giving away such a recent game for nowt.

Oh man. I was hoping to ditch the 360 and just use my Xbox One. But I can't with all the good stuff still to finish on 360.
Either thru cheap deals, or the free Live giveaways I've got this lot to finish:
Arkam City
Arkam Asylum
Tomb Raider
Dragon Age 1
Dragon Age 2
Now add sleeping Dogs
Still had Gaurdians of the Light to finish, which is excellent!
Then I still have these box copies to finish
Assassin creed 3 (AC 2 was probably my favourite game ever)
Witcher 2
Red Dead Redemption

I better get my skates on, before Titanfall arrives. And stop lusting after Ryse Good times my gamers friends

I can't recommend Sleeping Dogs enough.
Especially if you're a fan of the Batman Arkham series. The fighting system is very similar and works just as well as the Arkham games.

Probably after games have been out for a while. Imagine maybe a year or so if I were to guess. Hopefully they will offer discounts at least for a short period of time every now and then.

Enron said,
I wonder how long it'll be before they start giving out free Xbox One games?

from a business perspective i would imagine they are or would be aware of the possible effect of offering games that have major current appeal for free or more to the point displaying an unspoken fact (by doing) that you dint have to buy games if you have patience. The idea here is letting people dip toes without giving a huge slice of the market a free ride

Cant think of a negative here unless you have a high sense of entitlement. Free stuff is free stuff.
the major positive effect i can imagine here is allowing people that maybe entrenched in a particular game style or people that have decided for some reason that they hate a particular game style the opportunity to play a game they would never gave bought or even demoed simply due to the fact that its free, its pure buffet psychology.
i might be wrong on the above or i might be right, either way free is free.

Brony said,
I agree. However the Lara Croft game is quite old.

What's wrong in playing old games ? Either you enjoy it or not.