SoftMaker Free Office 1.0.3380

SoftMaker Free Office 2012 is a powerful, easy-to-use, modern, lightning-fast office suite for Windows. This is a fully-functional, non-crippled, not time-limited version...totally free of charge, without any obligations.

SoftMaker FreeOffice is a complete office suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation-graphics program:

  • FreeOffice TextMaker is more than just Word-compatible: It is not only great at document creation, but also at adding great-looking layouts.
  • The FreeOffice PlanMaker spreadsheet is not only Excel-compatible, but convinces with ease-of-use, speed, and presentation-quality charts.
  • And FreeOffice Presentations presents itself as a capable, easy to use alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Download: SoftMaker Free Office 1.0.3380 | 58.7 MB (Freeware, requires free registration)
Download: Additional Dictionaries
Screenshot: >>Click Here<<
View: SoftMaker FreeOffice Website

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Note that the free version does not include saving in the new docx, xlsx, pptx format. It can open them, but not save them. To add support for saving them, you have to pay for the full version. (The full version also adds features like managing styles, better spell-checking, and macro support.)

Many people are looking for a low cost alternative to Microsoft Office. I'd rather believe that using something like LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice, Softmaker FreeOffice or Kingsoft Office Suite Free is a better choice than downloading a pirated copy of Microsoft Office.

I've used several different office suites over the years and while Microsoft Office is the industry standard, everyone isn't willing or able to pay for a legit copy. So I'm happy that we have so many different options to consider.

You can install office 2010 starter on any system, you just need the 1mb-something setup file and it downloads everything from the web.

LibreOffice is insanely bloated plus it still requires the gigantic gaping security hole known as Java for some features while the other office suites unfortunately offer next to zero localization so we still don't have any real decent alternative to office yet except the free online alternatives (Office Online, Google Apps) . If only we had a decent port of the KDE office suite (Calligra Suite) for windows all the other standalone office suites could finally burn to hell: it's becoming really, really good.

It has a full range of features, great. If you're not using Microsoft Office, give up! Yes, alternatives exist, but really? EVERY workplace I have been works in .doc(x) format. Every university I've known accepts work in .doc(x) format.