Software group to promote Macs in the enterprise

A consortium of five companies has announced the creation of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) to promote the deployment of Macs in the enterprise. The five founding companies -- Centrify, LANrev, Atempo, GroupLogic, and Parallels -- are all focused on integrating the Mac operating system and infrastructure with Windows and PC-based network infrastructure for enterprise-level companies.

With Apple's introduction of the iPhone and iPod Touch, along with enterprise tools for these devices, Apple is capturing more market adoption in business, making the creation of an organization like EDA very timely, says Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research.

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Enterprise tools for ipod!?! wtf. What enterprises are going to buy ipod's for their staff? What of use could you really do on it?
So far from reality it hurts.

(bluarash said @ #3.1)
Access to SSH and the full command shell. It's very portable and has good wifi access... though it does run down the battery.

iYou're italking iabout ithe iPhone/iTouch iPod, iRight?