Some Hotmail users report access issues when switching to

In late July, Microsoft announced the beta release of, a new web-based email service that is meant to eventually take the place of Microsoft's, even though that service is still active as well. However, a small but growing number of Hotmail users have been unable to access their emails after establishing their new accounts.

The reports started soon after went live. In a post on the Microsoft Community message board (the new name for what was previously called Microsoft Answers) that started on August 1st, some users of Hotmail reported they received the following error when they tried to access their old emails from their account:

Sorry, something went wrong Please try again. If you keep seeing this message, go to Service status to check whether there's a problem with Hotmail or to report the issue.

Messages from Hotmail users have continued to be posted on this same message board thread as late as today, with the message thread extending over 17 pages. While moderators from Microsoft have apparently contacted some users to resolve this issue, some former Hotmail users report they still have not been able to access their emails two months after first reporting the problem. One of them, "PascalKeane", wrote earlier this week on the message thread:

Its been 2 months since I had access to my emails now. 2 months in which it appears no-one has seriously tried to resolve my issues and those of the others on this thread. Virtually no real communication from a variety of moderators dropping by.  If our accounts have been completely deleted, it's time to tell us - this whole process is taking up far too much time. As an earlier poster said, this potentially will turn me off purchasing anything from this company for life (I was actually paying for my Hotmail account).

One of Neowin's readers, "WooHoo!!!" sent us a tip that claimed he encountered this same problem and the same error message a couple of weeks ago. He added in our tip, "It would be a non issue if it was fixed within good time but over two months and the amount of people with this issue is shocking." We have emailed Microsoft to see if they have any comment on this situation with

Source: Microsoft Community message board | Image via Microsoft

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I have been loving my Outlook account, it hasnt been giving me any issues at all. I wonder how many people this actually effects.

Daniel_Pooh said,
Those bugs are for stupid people that need to buy new computers. Outlook runs perfectly.

I've been using hotmail for 12+ years so far, 3 days ago however microsoft changed me to the new Outlook mode and since then I've been unable to get in to check my mail, looking around on the internet and microsoft forums I've found that there's a lot of ppl with the same issue since 2 months ago like this article reports, which simply doesn't give me any hope to get my mail back soon.

you put your username, you put your password and it should log in but it doesn't, there's no "stupid people" on that, stupid is to say that the solution is to buy new computer and talk without knowing what's really going on.

Daniel_Pooh said,
Those bugs are for stupid people that need to buy new computers. Outlook runs perfectly.

I beg your pardon? I'm running into this issue using a computer less than a year old and I know how to run a beta of Windows 8 on a Mac. Can't be that computer illiterate and get that far...

Daniel_Pooh said,
Those bugs are for stupid people that need to buy new computers. Outlook runs perfectly.

It's amazing how people STUPIDLY jump to conclusions.

Our problem is not a performance issue--we simply CANNOT access our e-mail after making the switch! People have tried logging using different computers, browsers, setting tweaks, etc. all to no avail.

For those who say it's "beta," seriously, should that justify not being able to simply ACCESS our e-mail? Don't be absurd. Microsoft warns that your mail might be inaccessible for 48 hours--not weeks or months.

"Give it time"? Give me a break. Give it time in order for us to simply ACCESS our e-mail? Some people haven't been able to access their accounts for MONTHS after making the switch. I'll give a software time to weed out bugs, but it should at least be able to do its most basic function!

And,yes, the issue is affecting many users, which is why there's even an article about it. The main thread has nearly 200 posts, with many other threads describing the same problem.


The only problem I have had with the new is the contacts not showing up when I click on the "People" tile.It tries to load , but just spins until I close the tab . I reported the issue , and have as yet not figured out what is causing it .

Recently I moved from Hotmail do I thought having a sounded cool. Today I guess I finally lost access to my account. I tried three or four times to recover access without any luck, despite giving them all the information that "proved" I was the owner of the account. My guess is that they lost my data and came with the lame excuse "that someone else is using your account" and bull**** like "we take security seriously".
If what they say is true (that someone is using my account), my fear is that this someone might have access to my Skydrive data. I really hope they have deleted all my data. I was already getting tired of messages saying something went wrong, especially when using IE.

I use Firefox and for some reason since going to outlook from hotmail its not auto refreshing when I get an email.

I can't add an alias under I have to have it as a new account... that's wierd....that's the only issue I do have with the service...

We learned something today: A new program has issues and bugs. Give developers time, and the app will become better, less buggy, and will have more features.

iOS Maps is 1 month old. Give it time

Oops, copied and pasted from the iOS maps article. That last line should be: is only a couple months old. Give it time.