Some SkyDrive users currently experiencing access issues

If you have been trying to access your SkyDrive account in the last few hours and have not had much success, you are not alone. Microsoft's cloud data storage service is currently experiencing issues that are preventing some people from seeing or modifying their files.

The Live Status page posted an alert at 4 pm Eastern time today that stated, "SkyDrive is having problems accessing and modifying files. You might not be able to view, change, upload, or delete files." There's no word yet on what could be causing the problems.

This is the latest extended issue that has hit Microsoft's online services in recent times. In August, the company got hit with problems that affected SkyDrive, and People services. The problems extended over a period of days as users could not sync their email with mobile devices.

Naturally, we will update this story when the current situation with SkyDrive changes. The problems come just as Microsoft announced that users now have the option to have up to 200GB of space for the fee of $100 a year. People who buy the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 can get that 200GB space option on SkyDrive free for two years.

Update: It seems that things are back to normal on SkyDrive

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Nope. Amazon gets the most reports but that's probably due to high profile consumers services like Netflix and their own streaming. People notice their streaming video go down even for a few seconds.

SkyDrive being broken the same day that they are offering 200 GB is probably not coincidental.

This is the problem with *any* cloud storage. Nice to use it to sync devices together, but between the reliability of it and the devices I'm just not sold that it's the way to go for everything. Just today I go to use my phone to look at a list while I'm in the store - can't access it because of a lousy connection. Stupid list should have been saved to my phone, but no option, so it was just unavailable via the cloud.

Edited by RayWall, Sep 25 2013, 12:02am :

Talk about perfect timing. Just had someone try to tell me off for speaking ill of Microsoft's services, despite the fact that I actually USE them.

Now I guess the question is: do I be a dick and link him this article or? lololol...

I literally just said I'm using Microsoft's services. Why should I care about Google, and why as a customer can I not be critical of the products and services I use?

It's pointless being critical based on unrealistic expectations. True 100% uptime is extremely expensive and even then someone occasionally goofs it up. It's like everyone whining and complaining about security issues in Java and Flash when no one in the history of computing has been able to create a fully secure runtime. Would you also complain that you need to replace the tires and oil in your car?