Sony and Motorola cut prices on Android tablets

It's a new year and for two Android-powered tablets its also time for some new price points. Sony has just updated its online Sony Store web site with new prices for its two version of the Tablet S products. The 16 GB version of the Tablet S is now selling for $399.99 while the 32 GB version is selling for $499.99. That's a $100 price reduction for each of those Android powered tablets.

Meanwhile the Droid Xyboard tablet, made by Motorola and sold by Verizon Wireless, went on sale only a few weeks ago. Now it looks like the two versions of that tablet are getting their own price cuts, although not as drastic as the Sony tablets. Boy Genius Report states that the 8 inch version of the Xyboard now has a price of at $379.99 with the 10 inch model now priced at $479.99. That's a $50 reduction from their previous price points.

As the story points out, that $50 reduction is just for the folks who want a two year contract to get the Xyboards, which have 4G LTE support from Verizon. If you want to get them without the contract the prices for the tablets stay the same at $599.99 and $699.99, respectively.

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It speaks volumes that the Kindle Fire was the first Android tablet I bought and that's only because it's a forked Android with a totally customized UI that doesn't look like Android.

I love how Apple products are always "overpriced". I guess that doesn't apply to tablets. Ipad2 starts at $499.99 for 16gb wifi 9.7" tablet. Seems weird to me that others have a hard time matching prices with Apple on what is essentially phone hardware with a big screen. Maybe Apple has a deal with the devil "You get low priced, high quality hardware, and I get the soul of your factory workers".

I don't need those tablets such expensive crap. I have a Ainol Novo 7 Paladin it doesn't have cameras but hey for $99 it is a steal plus the first ICS 4.0 tablet performance wise? I am very impressed.

I had the Sony Tablet S. I recommend it, but I sold it for the smaller HTC EVO View. Much more work-friendly and portable, plus I heart HTC Sense.

I quite like the Sony tablet - as well as being PlayStation certified (not that it means much), it also has an IR and can work as a large universal remote, and due to the wedge shape it would be ever so slightly easier to see/use when placed down on a flat surface.
Although, I don't "like" it enough to want to own one. But, it comes close. I'll still pass, thanks.