Sony Announces New Folding@Home Features

Sony has announced plans to update the Folding@Home client. The new version includes a feature to automatically shutdown the console after an inputted time or at a specific time (Settings > Automatic Shutdown). As well, the new FAH version includes a background music player (Music > select a channel). The channels are automatically populated with songs stored on the user’s HDD. X + left or right arrows control moving between tracks while choosing X + up or down arrows control channels. Both features can be disabled at any time and do not affect the data that is sent off to Stanford University. Let us know how this version is working out for you!

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I love the new autoshutdown feature. It's great being able to go to bed knowing that your PS3 can finish its current WU then go to bed too.

The backwards compatibility costs more to build, and people kept complaining about the price, so they dropped it. I suppose they could make two versions, but then who would buy the more expensive one, almost no-one. So whats the point? It's like I said to someone else, with the money you're saving on the new units without backwards compatibility, buy a new PS2 slim. You've still saved a few bucks over the PS3 with backwards compatibility. :P

What they should make is sell a 'PS2 emulator' on their Playstation Store. That way one can upgrade the PS3 system to support PS2 games via software. That's my opinion and I would buy it if they did. :P