Sony Denies Preventing Adult Content On Blu-Ray

Sony has denied claims that it was preventing the porn industry from using the Blu-ray high-definition format. Sony has said it has no control over the licensing of Blu-ray, and has no problem with the adult industry using the format. Sony's company-specific policy seems to have been taken as the general rule, "Sony disc manufacturing will not manufacture adult titles. We have never done it, and we have no plans to," said Lisa Gephardt, a spokeswoman for Sony Corp. of America. The policy has, however, no impact on any other company.

"There's no prohibition against adult content. We don't tell people how they can use the licenses they get from the Blu-ray Disc Association," said Gephardt. The BDA handles all licensing for Blu-ray technology and has stated that it is "an open organization that welcomes the participation of all companies interested in using and supporting the format, including those that represent the full spectrum of genres in the content industry."

As argued before, the adult industry is said to be a major factor in the HD war, if we are to assume it will have the same effects that it had on the VHS vs. Betamax war. Others analysts argue that it price was the deciding factor in the format war. Many representatives in the porn industry have already stated they choose HD DVD, because it is cheaper to produce content for. Certain producers believe that HD, in general, will not take off very quickly because it is overall more expensive than DVD, and sometimes, the viewers may not be too excited to see all the details.

News source: InformationWeek

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I may be going off on a tangent by pointing this out, but given this:

"We have never done it, and we have no plans to," said Lisa Gephardt, a spokeswoman for Sony Corp. of America

...and this:

We don't tell people how they can use the licenses they get from the Blu-ray Disc Association," said Gephardt

...doesn't that completely go against those who claim that BluRay is not Sony, but rather a group of companies of which Sony is simply a part of?

The way I read this, as a representative of Sony, this spokeswoman is positioning herself in such a way that Sony/BluRay can pretty much be used interchangeably.

So those who say Sony != BluRay should STFU?

I mean, yeah, I realize it's an association of various companies, but it sounds to me like Sony is pretty much in charge of the whole BluRay fiasco. What other company representative claims to be in a position of authority to speak on BluRay's behalf?

You're stretching facts to fit your agenda.

Sony was accused of not letting adult companies release BD content.

A rep says Sony didn't, and neither does the BDA.

By your logic if I said: "I don't support the eating of puppies, and neither does the US Government" then I am the US Government???

Yeah right, Sony
They're finally realizing that their BluRay crap is starting to go down the drain, so they're quickly rowing back there now and pretend that they never disallowed it

Yeah, right.

HD DVD is dying a slow death. Look at the upcoming release slate:

Now look at the Blu-ray release slate:

HD DVD is HD DOA in Japan. No major CE makers have announced support (LG is crippled)
No studios have switched. Their lone exclusive studio, Universal, is suffering major money problems and have announced a grand total of 2 releases between now and the end of April. That's 3 months worth of nothing for those keeping score. The XBOX 360 add-ons are collecting dust in retailers everywhere.

Finally, they sold a grand total of 175,000 units (desktop, laptop, standalone, add-ons) for the entire year of 2006 (source: Toshiba CES press release).

So, Aero, pardon me while I laugh at your comment. If it was sarcasm then well played.

Maybe they should limit the licensing of Blu-ray. The UMD format was no doubt damaged (in part) by the adult/porn industry and the bad press that produced.