Sony executive takes dig at Microsoft, highlights consistent 'fair' policies

Sony executive Andrew House has maintained his company's defensive and snide attitude towards Microsoft by criticising inconsistent Xbox One DRM policies on stage at Gamescom 2013. During their press conference earlier today in Germany, House swiped Microsoft with a relatively direct insult:

While others has shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining a message that is fair and in tune with consumer desires, We strove to deliver a platform that delivers both power and great value. And the response we’ve received has been nothing short of incredible.

This strongly suggested that users should trust a platform which makes the right choice from day one, rather than one led by a company that 'flip-flops'.  He was met by cheers from the audience, most of which may already have their hearts set on the PlayStation 4, which is set to be released on November 15th in the US

Microsoft originally defended their controversial used game policy which restricted the sharing of games, but quickly retracted this policy following a considerable outcry from gamers.

Sony have a reputation of insulting Microsoft's Xbox One, notably at E3 where it announced that it would allow users to share games, and even released a video demonstrating the process, where one person hands the disc to another.

Via: GeekWireSony and Microsoft beginning the console war image courtesy of Shutterstock

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Well, Sony is on the offense right now since MS has been backtracking, and it will continue until MS has something big to take it straight up Sony's rear. However, may the best console win!

...although I've pre-ordered the XONE.

I love how people still believe (mainly neowin users) that Microsoft reversed their policies because of "overreactions from the internet". Its glorious.

Sony forced them to change the policy. Who do you trust? The company that has always been there on DRM since day one(let's forget about the rootkit fiasco, no really forget about that one...).

The only reason I see people arguing over why they changed is in order to stir up trouble. Sony and MS have done stupid things and then turned things around. MS made the mistake this time and then turned it around.

All of this happened before anything even launched. Its actually good news.

CygnusOrion said,
Sony forced them to change the policy. Who do you trust? The company that has always been there on DRM since day one(let's forget about the rootkit fiasco, no really forget about that one...).

If we held grudges, we wouldn't own any products.

CygnusOrion said,
Sony forced them to change the policy. Who do you trust? The company that has always been there on DRM since day one(let's forget about the rootkit fiasco, no really forget about that one...).

The company that didn't remove Linux and BC from their last console after it was already in my living room. I also bet you that Sony was going to include PS Eye with the PS4 then they dropped it to try and undercut the XBOX 1 in price.

If MS add a free game to the XB1 package, rest assure that Sony will follow. Then, they would be playing the same game they accuse MS of.

I think it's funny how the roles are reversed. When it was the 360/PS3, Sony went with the new going with the bluray. Now Sony seems dedicated to the aging disk media while MS is going for the new online model.

people can bitch about the extra $100, but I think Microsoft finally cracked it,and the performance of the Kinect 2 is so outstanding, that they are so confident in bundling it,and were so confident with the whole drm thing.

you gotta remember people will pay for motion controls. there a reason the wii sold 100 million units,and the Kinect sold 24 million units,and 8 million in its first 60 days. consumers thirst for this kind of tech. Nintendo dropped the ball,and is now focusing on the tablet strategy,while their whole usebase abandoned them. the original Kinect had too much lag. But now that Microsoft developed their own tech in house,and designed their own chip,i think they have the right technology today to finally make this thing have great performance. theres a huge base out there whos just waiting for this to happen,and sony is going to be caught off guard,like they were caught off guard by the wii. they are too busy patting themselves on the back for their "consistent policies",and their indie butt kissing.

Yeah Sony has always been fair to gamers /sarcasm:
Installed root kits via CDs
Removed features from PS3 via firmware (Linux)
Removed backwards compat from PS3 (hardware)
Lied about getting hacked
Said online gaming should be free... with PS4 has a pay wall.
Continues Online Pass with Last of Us to play online

he's not wrong...but at the same time, I don't see why there's so much negitivity around the fact that microsoft is willing to change their policies to reflect what their customers want. Regardless of the motivation (because in the end, the motivation is ALWAYS money).

i dont understand why take it as a ofensive stance meanwhile how microsoft its doing the scrooogle campaign its being more direct

Last year Sony announce the most exclusive. This time, I am afraid Ps4 got waaay less. Right now Xbox victory dance on Sony's grave. Sony fanboy has to find something else to brag which are more powerful (the same as ps3 vs Xbox), Xbox live gold when gold have been around since the beginning and ps3 said free online but now multiplayer will be behind paywall. Wait... but Netflix is free!! Who cares, Xbox owned ps3. The point is Sony been lying to gamer all this time

House doesn't even need to mention Microsoft & XBox in his comment,
yet all Microsoft fanboys knew that he jab at MSFT.

You can't trust a company who can't keep their policies straight. MS is such a mess company lately. Looks like age is taking its toll on Ballmer. He needs to retire before he brings company in to junk yard.

No one will care after the console actually come out. I will say that I like Sony better in regards to knowing how to speak to their customer base properly. However, the launch titles for both isn't really worth dropping the money yet to me. I can wait and then Sony announced a bunch of PS3 games as well so I really don't have a reason to move on just yet.

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