Sony goes open standard for its Ebook content

Sony is looking to take on Amazon by opening up its platform and will start to publish content in the Epub format according to Sony said that they hope to be selling content in this format by year end and will adopt Adobe's technology that limits how many times an Epub titles can be copied.

Selling content in the Epub format is a drastic change for Sony and its usual business agenda. The Epub format is an open standard that will allow Sony's content to be available on products that are produced by other manufactures.

Sony allowing its content to be natively viewed on other manufactures products is a far contrast from its traditional style of creating proprietary formats. It's hard to tell if Sony is looking to change from its bad habits of locking down its formats or if it's truly having a change of heart and letting go of its proprietary ways.

Sony is taking on Amazon who has the lead in the marketplace thanks to its Kindle. Since Sony is opening its platform up it will give it an advantage over Amazon by allowing its customers to use whatever device they please since they are adopting the open format.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Sony and its proprietary formats. When large companies start adopting open formats it makes life easier for the consumer who no longer gets locked into one brands products.

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Microsoft had to adopt ODF and stop ignoring W3C standards to stay competitive, so who cares if it's a "change of heart" or if they're doing it "to change from its bad habits". The only reason a business does anything, ever, is its bottom line - whether it's PR to cleanse its reputation and retain customers or to give people more choices and attract more customers. Clearly this is something Sony now feels affects its ability to make more money or regain lost ground in its market share. it's not rocket science.

Sony using an open format and not some arbitrary proprietary one? What is this company, and what have they done with the real Sony?!