Sony: Microsoft adding FIFA 14 to European Xbox One bundles is "kind of odd"

Last week at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that all of launch versions of the upcoming Xbox One consoles sold in Europe would come with a free digital download copy of FIFA 14. It was seen by many as a way to add some value to Microsoft's product, which at the moment is priced 100 euros more than Sony's upcoming rival console, the PlayStation 4.

But if Europeans thought that Sony was going to add their own free game in with the PS4 in time for its launch, they will likely be disappointed. In an interview with the UK-based Metro website, the head of Sony's PlayStation division in Europe, Jim Ryan, hinted that Microsoft made such a move to boost lagging pre-order sales for the Xbox One.

Ryan said:

It’s perfectly rational when a platform holder, or indeed a publisher, runs a pre-order campaign to engage in promotional behaviour to dial it up if you feel it’s not where you need it to be. That’s a rational thing for any businessman to do. We’re perfectly happy with where our pre-order are.

Ryan added that, in his opinion, giving away a major game like FIFA 14 with the launch of the Xbox One is "kind of odd". So far, Microsoft has not announced a similar free game deal for the US Xbox One launch.

On the subject of the PS4, Ryan said that Sony didn't know yet how many units of the console they would have ready for its launch. Sony announced last week that the PS4 would be released on November 15th in the US and November 29th in Europe and that the company had already received over one million pre-orders for the console.

Source: Metro | Image via Microsoft

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This isn't "kind of odd" for EU sports fans like me, what would be odd is if they included Madden in the bundle in the EU.

This is a great move for MS to do, so far Sony has had football in the Playstation court/home w/e you want to call it. Lots of times when you watch a game and look at the ads you'll see lots of Sony Playstation ads and basically zero Xbox ads. Now that could just be that MS didn't market it much or that Sony has/had a tighter marketing deal with FIFA going on for quite some time. Either way, if MS can break into that and make that same connection with gamers that the Playstation has done when it comes to FIFA then it's a big win for them.

Having Madden in the US would be another big move but it's a toss up, they could do the same with and have even better results with a game like CoD in the US as well IMO.

SPARTdAN said,
Sony are really arrogant with this next gen console launch.

MS made mistakes on how they conveyed their strategies to the community, and they are trying to capitalize on it. They will continue to do as long they think they can get an advantage on it.

Maybe if you bought a bundle deal but I can't remember the last time a console launched in the UK with a game included as standard. Maybe the SNES with Mario?

Steve121178 said,
Maybe if you bought a bundle deal but I can't remember the last time a console launched in the UK with a game included as standard. Maybe the SNES with Mario?

Haha i actually did by a SNES with Mario bundled. When the PS2 and 360 launched they both had bundled game options, apologies i can't remember what they were now. I can't speak of the PS3 though as i didn't buy it at launch.

Am I missing something? Did he explain why he thought it was "odd"?

Is it the actual choice of game he finds odd? Or is it just the inclusion of any game that he finds odd?

I dont understand his comment? It is not odd. It makes perfect business sense for MS to do it to narrow the pricing gap. FIFA is huge in Europe.

I wish Sony would bundle something free too. XBOX will have fifa and at least 1 character to play Killer Instinct. What can you play on Sony out of the box?

I am most likely getting Sony, but I am not certain by any means. xbox is looking good too.

That would make the PS4 only $40 more expensive now and lacking many features of the X1. I am not talking about HW but features.

never used a kinect but looks like its useful even if its not if xbox. Headset is included in the box because when MS did the opening of a retail box the headset was included.

In terms of power you know how it said max of 204GB/sec out of the eSRAM, i think thats wrong. More like 816GB/sec with a 1024 bit wide memory bus, 4x 8MB eSram modules each module has 256 bit memory bus and min 109GB/sec max 204GB/sec transfer rate. It also has quad channel DDR 3 4x 2GB ram units. I think the xbox seems to be underpowered but i think youll be surprised

It is a nice move from part of MS, however, who is earning is not MS but EA. It is not that EA is giving his second flagship product for free.

watch it sony. microsoft could just create like a scroogled campaign about the PSN security breach. MS kept quiet at the time.

Adding value to a product is not odd it is nice for the customer, plain and simple. Sony need to shut up and concentrate on their console.

How free is free? I can't help but think that as this is EA it will be filled with in game purchases.

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