Sony Music Unlimited: cloud-based music service

On Monday, Sony announced a new cloud-based music service that will enable many of the company's products, as well as Windows PCs, to be to stream music from an online library. This will be a service that will sync a collection of tracks to all of your devices which are supported, and it should be available by the end of the year, CNET reports.

Sony has had a difficult time in the music business, especially after they had to close down their Connect store. Their new music store, named Sony Music Unlimited will join with Sony's video cloud service, Qriocity. The approach the company is taking for this is instead of downloading and storing everything as other services do, it will instead on the cloud and streaming. You will be able to stream to just about anything Sony; TVs, Blu-Ray Players, PS3, and also Windows PCs. While streaming around the home is fine, this still leaves a huge gap in the portable media department. Sony's answer is to allow mobile devices to cache data.

While there are no concrete details yet for pricing and variety of music, Nishida said that there would be a large number of tracks. Sony is still talking with the record labels, but they are confident that they will have a large selection. The company also wishes to make Qriocity a platform filled with third-party providers. Sony does believe that they will be able to let users find music personalized for them, and even have a technology called SenseMe that picks music based on the user's mood. 

Sony intends to release this by the end of 2010.

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I am very open to cloud computing services. I gave up on my I-Tunes account. I stored all my I-Tunes downloads in my laptop and in a regular desktop PC. They both got a virus, and when the computers were fixed, I could not synchronize and restore my music files. There is no live customer service from Apple on this. I guess if I spend my time reading online manuals and buying I-Tunes books at my local library, I could figure a solution. But I don't have time to do this, and I had it I would not enjoy troubleshooting computers.

If they make it available for Sony Ericsson phones I'm all up for it, but otherwise don't think I'll be interested

to those that moan about having a persistent connection, the spotify implementation of this allows you to take things offline, so i assume this will too..

Well, if instead of being panzies and sueing everything with the word 'Peer' or 'Torrent' on it and trying to get rid of everything like this; this is too little WAY too late. If instead of suing people, they'd instead set this up back in the day, then damn I'd have paid for it! But now I just seem them as losing so much money, ah well, good luck to them and that.

Streaming is a nice option...but I like and prefer building my collection in a way that doesn't absolutey require a persistent internet connection. I like how Zune Pass balances these two things.

Im just not sold on the whole cloud thing. Hows streaming music from the cloud gonna benefit me when im in my office, in my apartment, on the subway driving through all those dead spots on long trips to the beach.

I prefer to have a hard drive based device where I can listen to any of my 5900 tracks any time I want withouth an skipping, drop-outs our connectivity issues.