Sony PS3 defense: developers can do more with it

Sony is doing its best to recover from what can politely be referred to as a lukewarm reaction to the PlayStation 3, and one of the ways they are doing so is by jumping on the corporate blog bandwagon. An entry by Dave Karraker, the senior director for corporate communications at Sony, has attempted to address the issue of the PS3 being harder to develop for than other game consoles. Karraker calls it an "interesting question" and says that games that are developed first for the PS3 have development costs "comparable with industry norms" when compared to Xbox 360 and high-end PC game development. He then adds that adding additional features that support the PS3's Cell processor will cost more to develop. "It's not that the PS3 is harder to write for," he says, "it's just that you can do more with it."

The Cell's architecture is an asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) system with a single PowerPC core (PPE) and seven small calculating units that Sony calls Synergistic Processing Units (SPUs)—some literature refers to them as Elements (SPEs) instead. The Xbox 360 (and, for that matter, modern PCs) use a symmetric multiprocessing architecture, where all the processing is done by identical multiple cores on the same die. The different architecture designs make absolute performance comparisons difficult, especially when so much rides on the skill of the developer and the knowledge of how to best optimize for the architecture in question. While Karraker is correct that more performance can be achieved by using the Cell efficiently, it is also true that more can be achieved by using pervasive multithreading to fully utilize all the cores on the 360 or even on multicore PCs.

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It is definately harder to bug test on these things. With the 360 you can connect to it via the network, take screenies, dump memory. When the 360 crashes it even dumps the memory to the network straight away for the developer to check. PS3 however has nothing like this.

Here is the deal. By the time the dev's start really understanding what the Cell processor can do Xbox will be ready with the NEXT generation of consoles. Yes, the Cell processor may be good today, however in the next 1-2 years mainstream processors will overtake anything it can do.

Developers can do more with gut the insides and turn it into a handy grill for your kitchen!
That definitely IS something it has on the 360.

best part of the article

In a side note, Karraker did admit that the Xbox 360 has a superior development platform for online gaming, saying that to get the same features on the PS3 developers "have to do some extra work." However, he says that Sony is "catching up" in this area.

Carmack went as far as saying that developing games for the Xbox 360 is easier than games from for the PC and would now focus on making games for the Xbox 360.....

But it is harder to write for, at least according to any developer that's ever talked about it. Personally, I'd trust the developers actually doing the writing than Sony who just wants to make their console look good.

I'm not biased; the only reason I don't have a PS3 is for the fact that I can't justify paying $600 for a game console. But it is what it is, and all the developers completely contradict what this article is saying.

actually they are going great with Little Big Planet and Calling all Cars.. They will be doing great stuff.. I am a 360 owner so don't flame me. And I am going to go play Pacman C.E. now lol