Sony: PS3 OS Wasn't Final at TGS

The PlayStation 3 operating system used at the Tokyo Game Show was apparently not final. Sony confirmed to GameDaily BIZ that the company has been in the process of finalizing it and that just like the Wii's OS, it will be upgradeable in the future.

Last week when the news broke regarding the PlayStation 3's technical and overheating problems at TGS, one of GameDaily BIZ's industry sources indicated that the PS3's operating system was not final at the Tokyo Game Show and that that may have led to certain glitches that players experienced at the event.

As it turns out, our source was correct (about the state of the OS) as SCEA has confirmed to us that the OS used in the PS3s at the show were not final. In fact, the OS may still be in the process of being finalized currently and it can be "flashed" into the machine at any time, even after all the other hardware components are made. It's likely that it's being refined up to the point that Sony is actually ready to put the consoles in boxes for retail.

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