Sony recalls 1.6 million BRAVIA TVs

Sony has more trouble on their hands. Not only do they have a security issue to deal with, they now have issued a recall and will be dealing with the issues stemming from that as well.  The BRAVIA LCD TVs being recalled were sold in Japan and other regions. Apparently, the TV sets can overheat and melt the upper casing. A backlight component is the source of the problem, according to TechCrunch.

The eight TVs in question have the following model numbers and were sold after 2007: KDL-40D3400, KDL-40D3500, KDL-40D3550, KDL-40D3660, KDL-40V3000, KDL-40W3000, KDL-40X3000, and KDL-40X3500. Sony says that a total of eleven incidents were reported in Japan since 2008, according to Business Week. The company says no incidents have occurred outside Japan.

Sony says that they will fix the sets for free if a defective part is found. For some owners, rentals may be available while service crews repair the TVs. Sony, however, will not replace the sets or issue refunds.  An analyst told Bloomberg that:

Sony-related recalls are following one another and that may ruin the company’s brand image. Considering Sony’s overall business size, the TV recalls won’t shake the company’s grounding.

Sony says that it will issue further statements regarding the recall and the additional information will be offered to their customers in the United States, Europe and other regions.

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What is up with SONY?
SONY products used to be a by-word for quality and efficiency.
Most still remember the prestige of owning a SONY product,the days of "It's a SONY".
Now it seems they just can't get in the news for the right reasons. PSN Hacked(multiple times)..flagship Bravia TVs being toasted, VAIOs not doing very well, SONY Ericsson making losses..Perhaps the only division which is doing well in the movies and entertainment division.
This has deeply hurt SONY's image among the new buyers.
I am a proud owner of several SONY products,I love my Bravia and my XPeria X10,and the walkman mp3 player. But this kind of publicity is making it very difficult to find pride and joy in owning these anymore.

bad timing.. Publishers Clearing House just had one of their slips for a 46 inch Bravia. Just filled that out. lol.. They've put Bravia out before. wonder what happens when Sony gets to one there might not be a sales receipt for.

djstar8 said,
I knew there was an issue with this so where does one report it?
I'd contact the store you bought it from.

boumboqc said,
Free Toaster.

what said,

But it would save you buying a dedicated one!

Thank you guys, you cracked me up real hard!


I might have to check my TV.... I cant remember the model no but this is bad since my TV is on at least 3 to 4 hrs a day. luckily no incident reported outside japan so thats at least good news.