Sony starts selling the PS4 in 16 more international markets

Sony continues to rapidly expand the reach of its new PlayStation 4 console. After launching first in the U.S. and Canada on November 15th and in parts of Europe and Latin America two weeks later, the PS4 is now on sale in 16 more international markets, bringing the total number to 48.

The PlayStation European blog says that the PS4 can now be bought by residents in the Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, South Africa, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. Sony has said it has sold 2.1 million consoles worldwide already and this week claimed that the PS4 was the top selling console in the U.S. in November, although it did not reveal specific numbers.

Sony is scheduled to launch the PS4 in several Asian territories in December and will finally release the console in its home country of Japan on February 22nd. Sony's rival, Microsoft, launched the Xbox One in 13 markets around the world on November 22nd but so far the company has not offered any concrete information about adding more countries to its list.

Source: Sony | Image via Sony

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You'd think with Sony being a Japanese company that they'd release it there first, home territory and all, instead of Feb next year

no this is smart for them. They can get away with releasing probably like 10 units in some of these small no name countries (sorry if you live in one of those countries) and not suffer too much but be able to use the PR to say "we are available in 48 countries".

However when they release in Japan they are going to need to have some supply and some proper games to backup that launch. If they had released in Japan a month after North American and Europe they would be hurting bad. There would be no way they could have supplied enough consoles to all three markets at once.

$1200 in Uruguay. Could have been worse, the first PS3 units were sold at above $3000.
Now games and extra controllers are the real issue, they are going for $150 a piece

One could say '16 more "markets"', but it's Callahan who can't even quote the source used properly: "PS4 available in 48 countries from today"

By definition, 'international' includes multiple 'nations', therefore "16 more" is superfluous, hyperbole and 'marketing speak'.

NoClipMode said,
The XB1 is only in something like 13 countries right? Thats not much at all.
It doesn't but if those are the 13 bigger ones compared to the majority of the ones the ps4 is in then it works out fine for them. Lots of the places the ps4 is selling in right now aren't that big overall.

NoClipMode said,
The XB1 is only in something like 13 countries right? Thats not much at all.

When those markets will make up 99% of your sales (which is hardly an exaggeration), it is a lot.

Not until their Azure servers and nodes are working for Xbox Live in the other regions.
They will be somewhat more limited but there will be many more countries getting the Xbox One in 2014, so no worries.