Sony to Leave Three-Way Microchip Development Pact

In February 2006, Sony, Toshiba and NEC Electronics agreed they would co-develop technologies to make system chips with circuitry width of 45 nanometres, sharing hefty costs and pooling technological expertise. But now, Sony has announced it has no plan to pursue further development of advanced microchips in a three-way pact with NEC Electronics and Toshiba. Since any development efforts in the next stage would have more to do with actual production than the initial phase and Sony is considering contracting out production of 45-nanometer chips, it will not renew its contract with Toshiba and NEC Electronics, a Sony spokesman said. The contract between the three expired in March; Toshiba and NEC Electronics, the semiconductor unit of NEC, plan to sign a new contract to develop energy-saving and other technologies to improve the next-generation chips.

News source: eWeek

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Or maybe sony just dosen't want to deal with Toshiba becuase the whole Blu-ray HDDVD thing.

How are they kicking them selfs in the ass? yes 45nm chips would be nice but they need to start using 65nm first since stuff like ps3 is still 90nm. Its a while off so they probably dont see need in it for now.

Yeah, this isn't about the cell.... although... since Sony make the cell with Toshiba and IBM, that would neatly make you wrong on the first thing you said.

2 for 2 ... congratulations.

Guess the chip wasn't as great as they thought it would be. At this point though, whatever they do, Sony still has whatever IP they added into the deal, they'll probably get money from sales regardless.