Sony to offer HD digital radio players

Sony Corporation has announced it will begin selling HD digital radio players in July, including a tabletop radio as well as a model for cars, the first step in what the electronics giant says is a long-term commitment to the technology. Sony said the XDR-S3HD tabletop model will be available for about $200 US and the XT-100HD tuner will sell for about $100 US. "Digital terrestrial radio is the last frontier in audio. And it's coming to price points that are becoming more reasonable for consumers," said Andrew Sivori, a senior product marketing manager at Sony's personal audio division.

HD digital radio is a relatively new form of radio broadcasting that allows conventional radio stations to bundle multiple digital signals with their traditional analog signal and send it on the same frequency. The digital signal, carried as a series of ones and zeros, provides crisper near CD-quality sound and allows for text and other digital information to be carried with the audio. Satellite radio also sends its signals digitally. Unlike satellite radio, which is a subscription-based service, the content on HD radio is free. According to the U.S.-based HD Digital Radio Alliance, more than 1,200 radio stations in the United States have adopted the technology and projects that more than 1.5 million HD radio devices will be sold in 2007.

News source: CBC News

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They really need to stop trying to scam people with this HD radio crap, becuase the HD dosnt even mean High Definition, even though thats how they are trying to market it. Nobody is going to pay hundreds of $ to some stupid radio which might sound better then a radio from 1960. Not to mention most radio stations dont even do this yet.

I'm not sure if it won't catch on (because plenty of current car head units already support it) but I do know that HD radio sucks. Sounds like listening to a 64kbps mp3. Yuck.

Seeing as Sony BMG and Sony Electronics are 2 different companies, and that this is a radio receiver I'd say NONE.

So if one of your relatives screws up it's YOUR fault?