Sony won't use Android Wear for future products, but remains open to the platform

With the recent announcement of Google's new wearable platform, Android Wear, many well-known hardware manufacturers like Motorola and LG were listed as partners for the upcoming platform. One company that was noticeably absent from that list was Sony. Sony has created two smart watches, the Smart Watch and Smart Watch 2. The Smart Watch 2 was released at the tail end of 2013 and currently runs Android. 

According to CNET, ​Sony has confirmed that it will not be an official partner, and will not produce any Android Wear products in the immediate future. It will instead focus on its current offerings and focus on its own platform. While Sony has opted to pursue its own techonolgies it has not ruled out the option for future Android Wear products, and will continue to work closely with Google. While we wont see an Android Wear product for a couple months, it will remain to be seen how much of a difference there is between a wearable running Android and Android Wear. The Smart Watch 2 is currently available and is compatible with all Android smartphones running Android 4.0 or later.

Source: TechCrunch via CNETImage via Sony 

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I have a feeling that whoever designs the best looking device, will do the best. so far, smart watches are square and look like a toy. The concept from Moto is promising and really the only one I have liked so far.

Good design can only take a product so far before bad functionality will strike it dead. All these companies are going to try and do something different on the software front as well to stand out, and ultimately the best implementation will win. Personally I don't care if something looks like a toy but is actually useful, as compared to something that actually is no more than a toy.

I'm sure samsung will use more tizen in the future. And you know what? that is fine. Why should the eastern OEMs depend so much on the badly written set of device drivers that are western operating systems companies like google. Cut out the middle man and take control. To let google dictate their future seems silly when they should be calling the shots. After all, nobody buys the OS, people get the hardware which just happens to come with whatever OS is pre-installed.

link6155 said,
That might be a good thing. Other platforms competing with Android Wear will only improve it in the long factor.

Not if they suck compared to Android Wear.