Sony Xperia Z1 Review

Sony already tried to capture the minds of consumers earlier this year with a flagship Android device. The Xperia Z was a decent enough device when it launched, but when the competition hit hard a few months later, the Z fell a little behind. A slick design and waterproofing were some of the handset's standout features, but it notably fell behind in the chipset and display departments.

Enter the Xperia Z1. New Snapdragon 800 SoC. New 20.7-megapixel Exmor RS camera. New aluminium body. In many respects, this is what Sony was aiming for with the original Xperia Z: a solid set of features to lure any smartphone buyer. It may be out a little later than your Galaxy S4 or HTC One, but there’s no doubting that the Z1 is a high-end handset to take Sony into 2014.

Read: Xperia Z1 Review: Testing Sony's Latest Android Flagship

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I own a Z1, I found RetroArch & Dual Shock 3 support over Bluetooth - happy as an 80's child receiving Power Master Optimus Prime for Xmas.

Sony makes good hardware. Their problem was waiting so damn long to bring the devices to the US. Now the US is saturated with Samsung everywhere else.

What are you talking about? I didnt mention anything and stated the reason why Sony is not popular in the US. I am not using the US as the reference for the rest of the world.

Pretty much mid spec imaging wise failing to be the Lumia 1020 in what it was supposed to be designed for, and nothing the 1520, and 928 can't do.

And the worse part is that Sony did it to themselves by choosing a small sensor instead of going for the larger superior size of the 1020.

I've had one for 3 weeks, and I have to say the novelty of a new shiny wore off sooner than I'd hoped. The device is very capable, and is a big step up from my Galaxy SII.


Sony launcher is nice, although I've gone back to Apex.
Camera is very good in good light
Can take a 64Gb SD card
Battery lasts for ages with mild to moderate use
Stamina mode comes in handy if you want to eek more out of your battery when you're getting low
Waterproof which is handy when you have a 14 month old who wants to get everything covered in food and water


Camera is awful in low light
Mic is a little quiet
Screen isn't as vivid as my S II was

My options were HTC One, Lumia 1020 or Z1. I settled on the Z1 as it has a higher spec. in terms of CPU and RAM than the other 2.

Demz said,
what idiot would touch a windows based phone anyway, gotta have rocks in ya head

I think that people say this actually have more rocks in their heads. For the record, I love Windows Phone but I actually think that the Sony Xperia X1 is awesome.

I have that phone.
Waterproofing has tested many times and also called to it under water.
Touchscreen not working underwater but thx there is camera button.
Camera is **** if there is little dark. Lumias are rocking on that side.
Screen and colors are very nice.
Performance is awesome.
Nothing bad to say. Nice phone.
Battery is also pretty good. 3 email accounts full sync and little some games. Battery lasts 2 days.
Charger what comes with phone is also nice.


Thief000 said,
Looks nice, but there are a lot of better phones out there. The display is just meh.

Such as? Im not doubting your statement I just want to see the better phones and compare

Hi there,

riahc3 said,

Such as? Im not doubting your statement I just want to see the better phones and compare

Like any Lumia screen for example. Get a load of this:

Which I don't really get because Nokia doesn't even make their screens themselves while Sony is one of the best and they also have their Bravia engine on their phones.

Thief000 said,
Looks nice, but there are a lot of better phones out there. The display is just meh.

Display is meh? Wut? My ZL display is already better than most on the market now (resolution and ppi wise)(except HTC One I think - not counting the Lumias that you can "touch" with your gloves on since I don't know how many of them actually have that screen, impossible to keep count on the Lumias already.)